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 Lieutenant Adventures Series 12

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The Lieutenant
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PostSubject: Lieutenant Adventures Series 12    Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:07 am

Lieutenant Adventures Series 12 Premiere Chapter 1 1 June 2018. Karma.
The Lieutenant paced around his TARDIS pulling levers and pushing some buttons, thinking to himself, 'What can I do next? Hm, I wonder. Maybe blow up a planet? No, happens too much anyway without my interference.' He gasped and froze by the console. 'I know! I shall rule the Earth! Hm, that sounds familiar.' He shrugged. 'Oh well.' The Lieutenant pulled some levers and typed something in as co-ordinates while whistling to himself. "Right, Earth, England. Year, who cares?" he laughed and then pulled another lever.
Suddenly the TARDIS jolted and then began to materialise.
New intro:
The Lieutenant groaned and fell to the floor. "Wait! What are you doing? I didn't tell you to materialise!" he exclaimed.
The TARDIS finished materialising and then was silent.
The Lieutenant frowned and slowly walked to the door. He opened the door and stuck his head out. "Hello?" he said slowly.
"Hello," replied Flavia bluntly. She stood, in her office, with the Oracle.
The Lieutenant laughed softly. "You brought me here? Again? God, you must be stupid or something must be wrong," he said. He walked out and sat down opposite Flavia, he leaned back in the chair and crossed his legs.
"Get up," said Flavia, almost like a robot.
The Lieutenant rolled his eyes and sighed softly, slowly standing up.
"We are aware you killed the girl," said the Oracle.
The Lieutenant clapped slowly. "Well done! You have been keeping tabs on me!" he exclaimed sarcastically.
"Or tried, at least," smirked the Lady President.
"Don't insult me!" exclaimed the Lieutenant. "I know she's dead. I killed her. I held her down. I drowned her. It was so easy," he said proudly.
Penelope stepped out from behind where the TARDIS had materialised.
"Then who's that?" asked Flavia, nodding in Penelope's direction.
The Lieutenant slowly turned around and gasped. "No! I killed you! How are you here?!" he said, starting to yell.
"That was a poor attempt at murder. You clearly know nothing about the Human Respiratory System," said Flavia.
The Lieutenant looked back at Flavia angrily. "I swear to God, I will kill you. Not today because that idiot is here!" he said, pointing at the Oracle. "Soon."
"She will be re-joining you on the TARDIS," said Flavia, ignoring the Lieutenant's death threats.
"No she will not!" exclaimed the Lieutenant.
Penelope had noticed a knife on the Lady President's desk. She was not going to let the Time Man, or whatever he was, ruin her chances at this again, in a quick movement, she seized the knife and got the Lieutenant in a head-lock and held the knife dangerously close to his neck. "Yes, Lieutenant, I will," she whispered in his ear.
The Lieutenant gasped at seeing her move so quickly. He smirked and groaned softly. "Well, where did this side of you come from?!" he asked, almost gleefully. He then, very easily, got out of the head-lock and tripped her, pushing her onto the floor. "Never threaten me again," he snarled, "Fine. I will take you with me again," he said.
"Ms. Pratt, put the knife down now!" Flavia had exclaimed while the two were struggling.
The Lieutenant looked at Flavia. "Don't worry, I can handle her!" he exclaimed.
"Why the hell have you got a knife in here?" asked the Oracle, clearly shocked.
The Lieutenant laughed. "Probably because she knew she was bringing me here, you idiot," he said.
"I was having scones and jam earlier," said Flavia calmly.
The Lieutenant laughed and then stood up, dusting himself down.
"As for you, Lieutenant, no-one asked your opinion," said Flavia.
"Well, if you don't want my opinion then don't bring me here!" exclaimed the Lieutenant.
Penelope slid the knife along the ground, stood up and dusted herself off also.
The knife stopped under Flavia's boot.
The Lieutenant sighed and watched them. "Can I leave now?" he asked.
"Yes, I suppose, but you're taking the girl with you, are we clear?" asked Flavia.
The Lieutenant rolled his eyes and walked away ignoring Flavia. "Come on, then, Penelope," he said.
The Lieutenant and Penelope entered the TARDIS one after the other.
The TARDIS demtarialised.
Flavia bent down and picked up the knife, shaking her head at the Oracle.

The Lieutenant walked around the console, glancing at Penelope. "So, how did you survive then?" he asked.
"Easy," said Penelope.
The Lieutenant smirked and started typing on the console. "In that case you won't mind telling me," he said.
"You didn't hold me down long enough. You didn't see me dying, you saw me losing consciousness," said Penelope. "And that metal zombie or whatever his name is saved me," she said.
The Lieutenant frowned and leaned over looking past the central column at her. "Metal Zombie?" he asked.
"Oh, you know what I mean, I don't know his name, he's a Time Lord or something."
The Lieutenant nodded slowly. "Alright," he said, slowly not caring anymore. "Right, I'm about to have some fun," he said, walking around the console to her. "Fun I think you'll enjoy, you're more than welcome to come," he said. He walked off from the console room and then came back holding a heavy machine gun.
A smile swept across Penelope's face. "What would you recommend?" she asked.
The Lieutenant laughed as the TARDIS landed. "Whatever you want, something big, something loud!" he exclaimed. He put the gun down then came back with a grenade launcher and walked out of the TARDIS. He launched a grenade and it smashed into a wall, exploding. He walked back into the TARDIS and grabbed the machine gun, walking out with it on his back, launching more grenades into a nearby compound.
Penelope heard the explosion and felt it as it rattled through the TARDIS. She couldn't help but feel excited. She ran down the corridor to her old bedroom. Everything was as she had left it. She grabbed up her knife and slipped it into her boot, grabbed up her pistol, slipped it into the other one, then went to the gun storage room and took a machine gun the same as the Lieutenant's, just to be safe, and brought plenty of ammunition with her, slinging it over her shoulder.
The Lieutenant was walking slowly through the compound launching grenades at the watch towers of the compound. He then dropped the launcher and pulled out his machine gun and stood still turning slowly, unloading hundreds of bullets into the soldiers who started to run towards him, the bullet casings landing at his feet. He stopped for a minute. "Come on, Penelope!" he yelled. "You're missing all the fun!"
Penelope ran out of the TARDIS pulling the door shut after her and ran after the Lieutenant avoiding piles of burning debris all around. She wasn't firing at the soldiers but there was a good reason for that.
The Lieutenant started shooting again when he saw her. He smirked and laughed firing faster into the soldiers, killing them all. He then pulled out the grenade launcher again and shot it at the wall of the building, blowing it up. "In we go!" he exclaimed.
When they got to the compound, Penelope used her machine gun to smash all the windows on the ground floor and first floors, then she stopped shooting.
The Lieutenant stopped and looked at her. "Why have you stopped?" he asked.
"Don't question me," said Penelope. "Walk on."
The Lieutenant rolled his eyes and then walked into the building.
The Iron Demon's TARDIS materialised within the compound walls.
The Lieutenant heard another TARDIS and froze. He turned slowly and walked to a window on the floor he was on and saw the TARDIS. "Oh, Christ," he said.
"Come on, Lieutenant, we don't have time for standing and gazing!" exclaimed Penelope.
The staff of the complex looked frightened and unsure of what to do.
The Lieutenant looked at her angrily. "Alright fine," he said. He looked at the ordinary staff of the complex. "On your knees!" he yelled, holding the machine gun.
The Iron Demon stepped out of his TARDIS which now resembled a white cylinder on the outside. He sniffed the air. He could smell the Lieutenant and the girl. They were here. He could also smell smoke all around and gun smoke. He made a conscious decision that he was not going inside the compound while his life may be in danger so he locked his TARDIS and left it where it was and walked off in the opposite direction to the compound.
All of the staff inside the compound knelt for the Lieutenant except one who strode right up to where the Lieutenant and Penelope stood.
The Lieutenant stared at him and smirked. "Brave, bold move. What's your name then?" he asked.
"This is my compound and these are my staff. Where do you stand in telling us what to do?" asked the person, a man, clearly angry.
The Lieutenant laughed softly. "Your compound? Oh, alright, fine," he said. He put his machine gun on the floor and looked at the man "This is my compound now," he said, he grabbed the man's neck and squeezed it hard, "and these are my staff," he said. He then gabbed the man's head and snapped his neck, killing him. He picked up the machine gun then looked at Penelope. He looked back at the staff. "If you people want to live, shut off the alarms, dispose of all the bodies and start rebuilding the walls and windows," he commanded.
For a moment, nobody moved.
The Lieutenant sighed. "So, none of you want to do it, then. Alright," he said. He looked at Penelope. "You like killing people," he said. "Have fun!" he exclaimed, moving to the side.
Someone stood up, shaking. "No! W-we'll we'll do it," she said.
At this the staff made no joke about it and every one of them got up and started working at once.
The Lieutenant walked around the compound and found the boss' office. He smirked and shrugged. "This'll do for now," he said. He went in and sat down, making a link with the Heart's TARDIS from the computer on the desk. "Hello, Heart," he said.
The Heart remained quiet for a minute while she looked alarmed and tried to shut off the connection. She knew exactly who this voice belonged to.
The Lieutenant thought for a second. Then he appeared on her console screen. "Boo!" he exclaimed, laughing softly and waving his arms slightly. "Hello! It's me! Your favourite Time Lord!"
"How did you survive?" asked the Heart, desperately trying to dematerialise her TARDIS.
The Lieutenant frowned. "Really?" he asked. "That's the first question you have to ask me? A trivial question such as, "How did you survive?" I expected more from you," he said.
"Remember that life of good you had? All those people you used to help? Yeah, that's my life now so if you're finished blabbing, I'll be off," said the Heart, starting to get a bit fed up.
The Lieutenant sighed and shook his head. "Yes. I know what I used to be. I know what you used to be. Interesting that we switched." He thought for a second and her TARDIS groaned. Her TARDIS then came to life and piloted itself.
"Woah, woah, woah, wait, what...? What are you doing?" asked the Heart, starting to panic.
The Lieutenant laughed. "Don't worry, I'm bring you to me," he said. Her TARDIS stopped having now landed in his office in the compound.
The Heart was nervous about what she would find outside. She could run into the depths of her TARDIS and spend weeks, months, years, even centuries running from the Lieutenant within her TARDIS but there was still no way out. If she ran to a secondary control room, even, and out of that door, the Lieutenant could still come out of the main control room and find her. It was no use. She made her way to the door and out of the TARDIS.
The Lieutenant smirked. "Hello, Heart," he said. "Take a seat." He watched her sit down then walked into her TARDIS, he went to the console and pulled one of the panels off, the dug his hand in then detached a piece and put the console back. He came out holding the dematerialisation circuit and put it on the desk.
The Heart's TARDIS Cloister Bell chimed.
The Lieutenant smirked hearing the bell and leaned back in his chair. He looked at the Heart and smiled. "We are going to have a lot of fun here," he laughed and put the circuit in a draw in the desk, "and you will be here the entire time."

The Iron Demon stood in a telephone box not too far away, talking urgently on the phone. It looked almost as if he was barking orders down the phone. Then he hung up and left the box in a hurry and started walking urgently and purposefully back to the compound.

Penelope had been sitting at a Deputy's table in the Lieutenant's office but hearing all this going on outside, she grabbed up her machine gun, stood up and looked at the Lieutenant waiting for further orders.
Just then the Lieutenant's TARDIS Cloister Bell chimed and, still being outside the walls of the compound, performed an emergency take off, dematerialising. It then rematerialised in the sky above the compound and was making sound as if it was out of control but she knew what she was doing. She was just concentrating hard. When she had finished materialising, she flew off after the helicopters, ploughing through the lot of them, flying high into the sky after them again, causing them all to crash down nearby, injuring and killing the occupants inside and two-thirds of the Emergency Services who were on the ground. Some, however, did survive. She then performed another emergency take off.
The Lieutenant heard everything that was going on. He sighed softly. "They couldn't go easy could they?" he asked. He got up and walked over to Penelope. "Let's have some..." He heard the commotion outside and looked out of the window seeing the TARDIS flying around and smashing into the helicopters. He laughed and walked past Penelope, grabbing his gun. "Things just got a lot easier," he said. He walked into the courtyard and looked at the survivors "Now, you have two choices. Surrender and live, or fight and die! I know which one I would take in that position and I know which one I want you to take." He smirked watching them.
The TARDIS performed an emergency landing in the corner of the Lieutenant's office.
The survivors opened fire.
The Lieutenant frowned and quickly ducked behind some cover, pulling Penelope with him. "Death it is then," he said. He got up and opened fire with his machine gun, the bullets ripping through the metal of the vehicles and the flesh of the people.
Penelope also got up and joined him, to make sure.
The Lieutenant smirked and laughed seeing her shooting too.
The pair of them stopped for a moment. There was absolutely no movement so they returned to the compound.
The Lieutenant walked back to his office with Penelope, throwing his gun on the floor. He sat down and typed some things into the computer and waited a few seconds. "Humans of Earth! Hello!" he exclaimed. He laughed slightly. "Don't even try to change the channel because I'm broadcasting on every channel across the world! I just wanted to say, I have taken over your world! To all leaders from every country you now all take orders from me! Anyone who tries to fight back or refuses to follow my commands will meet the same fate as the people who fought me today! The few who survived can spread the word about what happened. I am the Lieutenant! And I am the Ruler of Earth!" He pressed a button on the keyboard and the broadcast cut sending every TV or screen on the planet into static.

Later on, Penelope sat in her bedroom on board the Lieutenant's TARDIS, her laptop on her lap. The Lieutenant didn't know she was in there. She had hacked the Gallifreyan database and was reading up on files about the Lieutenant. He was 4,420 years old. This was his 15th body. He had been female before! How did all this work then? Regeneration? What's that? A process which enables a Time Lord to renew their body, changing their appearance for a number of reasons and one of the things that could happen was that the Time Lord could change gender. That was it, then, the Lieutenant had started off female and was now male! She needed to find out more about how Regeneration worked.
Penelope sat at her desk, tapping away at her laptop, a smile constantly on her face.
The Lieutenant was sitting at his desk typing at his laptop. He opened the email but sighed before reading it.
OK, cool, it was good to know that.

The Lieutenant
Thomas Stevens
Penelope Pratt
Gemma Arterton
The Iron Demon
Liam Hickey
Oprah Winfrey
The Oracle
Alex Rodriquez
The Heart
Bethenny Frankel
With special thanks to the BBC, FanFiction and YouTube.
Director and Writer
Liam Hickey
Maureen Farr

Fflat 2018.

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The Lieutenant
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PostSubject: Re: Lieutenant Adventures Series 12    Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:14 pm

Lieutenant Adventures Series 12 Chapter 2 8 June 2018. Exposition Part 1.
Penelope sat at her desk, tapping away at her laptop, a smile constantly on her face. This feeling of power felt good.
The Lieutenant was sitting at his desk typing at his laptop. He'd received a suspicious email titled, "World Leaders". He opened the email but sighed before reading it. "Nothing," he said. He moved it to his inbox and left it as read, deciding to get up and go onto the balcony of his office and look out over the city.
Outside there was smoke all over the city and shouting. Some of the shouting was getting closer.
The Lieutenant smirked and laughed softly. "Well, this should be fun," he said to himself. He pulled out a radio. "Pull back all forces, allow the riots to get close," he said.
"Sir, that's insane," the voice replied.
"Obey me!" commanded the Lieutenant.
The rioters and protesters were suddenly let past and flooded into the grounds of the Lieutenant's compound. Many were eliminated by the Lieutenant's forces immediately.
Among the rioters was the Iron Demon and he carried, in his hand, a pipe bomb. When he had got as near as he could undetected he threw it at the Lieutenant's balcony. It hit the balcony and exploded, throwing the Lieutenant against a wall, destroying a corner of the balcony and breaking all nearby windows, sending vibrations through the entire building. All was silent for a moment.
"Are you alright, sir?" asked the voice on the Lieutenant's radio.
"Alive," replied the Lieutenant from the floor.
The rioters were, immediately, fought off and forced out of the grounds by compound security.
The Iron Demon was also forced out.
Penelope rushed out to the Lieutenant but upon seeing his situation, threw up over what was left of the balcony.
The Lieutenant's right arm had been blown off in the explosion.
"Bandages! Quick!" exclaimed Penelope.
"No, no bandages, thank you, do bring a camera, though, we're going to broadcast this next bit live," said the Lieutenant.
The Heart appeared with a camera.
"Start filming immediately," said the Lieutenant, "don't speak, nod when you're live."
The Heart didn't seem to know how to work it.
"Hurry up," barked the Lieutenant, "Penelope, you do it," he said and then, over the radio, "Violet, come and get the Heart and then flog her senseless."
Penelope nodded. "We're live," she mouthed.
"People of Earth, behold, your Ruler!" exclaimed the Lieutenant.
Violet, Head of Security, came onto the balcony and took away the Heart just then.
"I am not a Human being," continued the Lieutenant, "and I will prove to you, now, that I am not." The Lieutenant's right shoulder started glowing golden and, slowly, the Lieutenant's arm grew back and then stopped glowing. "I don't honestly care what happens on this planet. This evening, one of my own kind threw a pipe bomb in my direction and blew off my right arm. I know he cares about this planet and I know the rest of you do so if you value your lives, don't let him do it again or I will laugh while I burn this world to dust," concluded the Lieutenant.
Penelope cut the broadcast.
The Lieutenant got up. "Dispose of the dead arm, I shan't need it anymore," he said, trying out his new arm. "I am now going to dress in an exact replica of these clothes and then attend the Heart's flogging." After he was dressed, the Lieutenant followed the sound of screaming until he found the Heart.
Violet stopped when he walked in and looked round.
"What are stopping for?" asked the Lieutenant, "get to it, girl," he snapped.
Violet continued.
The Heart screamed louder.
"Harder," said the Lieutenant.
Violet obeyed.
"Harder!" exclaimed the Lieutenant.
Violet obeyed.
The Heart gave in and she collapsed.
"Stop," said the Lieutenant. "Leave the room."
Violet obeyed.
The Lieutenant rolled the Heart onto her back and looked directly down at her. "You'd think you'd know me well enough by now, Heart, to get a move on when I say so," said the Lieutenant. "I know you have started to regenerate. "I am going to possess your thoughts and control your regeneration. You will continue to be trapped in a good body in your next life, I will only set you free when you have proven yourself. Are we clear?" he asked.
"Yes," sobbed the Heart.
"Yes, what?" asked the Lieutenant.
"Yes, sir," said the Heart.
"Good girl," said the Lieutenant. He then shut his eyes and took over the Heart's sub-conscious.
The Heart I've matured, I'm 1200 now. out as her new incarnation just faded into existence.
The Lieutenant opened his eyes and left the Heart alone.

While the Lieutenant was attending the Heart's flogging, Penelope had escaped back to her bedroom on board the TARDIS. Right, Regeneration, how does it work? Time Lord have three brain stems, interesting, and all need to be intact. OK. Regeneration was the process by which Time Lords and others renewed themselves, causing a complete physical and often psychological change. It could happen as a result of severe illness, as in the cases of the Doctor, River Song, Old Age/Fatigue as in the case of the Doctor, River Song, the General and IM Foreman, also the Master. It could also be voluntary as in the cases of Romana, Azmael and the Doctor, and involuntary as in the cases of the Doctor, the Master and the Iron Demon. It could be prevented by choice but that was suicide. It could also be delayed. There could also be difficulty in regenerating, Reversal of Regeneration, Dissonance, avoiding the change, cross-species changes, aborted regenerations and iterative regenerations. OK, cool, it was good to know that.
The Lieutenant sat at his desk and sighed softly reading the email about world leaders. "Fun for me!" he exclaimed. He then walked out onto the balcony and then stopped.
Next was to research death in Time Lords as she couldn't allow for a regeneration to take hold.

The Lieutenant
Thomas Stevens
Penelope Pratt
Gemma Arterton
The Iron Demon
Liam Hickey
Meryl Streep
The Heart
Bethenny Frankel
The Doctor
Chistopher Barry
George Gallaccio
Robert Banks Stewart
Phillip Hinchcliffe
Douglas Camfield
Graeme Harper
Robert Holmes
Christopher Baker
William Hartnell
David Bradley
Patrick Troughton
Tony Garner
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Adrian Gibbs
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Paul McGann
John Hurt
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Catherine Tate
Michael Jaysten
Matt Smith
Toby Jones
Peter Capaldi
Jodie Whittaker
Amber Rose
Michael Starkey
River Song
Harrison Mortimer
Maya Glace-Green
Nina Toussaint-White
Alex Kingston
The General
Gloria Hall
Tina Bell
Julie Washington
Donna Kelly
Doris Garcia
Pamela Robinson
Nancy Gonzalez
Sharon Roberts
Jessica Sanchez
Michelle Morgan
Ken Bones
T'Nia Miller
IM Foreman
Jack Wright
Arthur Hall
Mark Murphy
Pamela Parker
Elizabeth Perry
Kimberly King
Jonathon Turner
Amanda Allen
Kevin Morgan
Susan Richardson
Tina Powell
Anna Russell
Gloria Lopez
Mary Tamm
Lalla Ward
Juliet Landau
Louise Brooks
Maurice Denham
The Master
John Simm
Michelle Gomez

And introducing George Lucas as the Heart.

Director and Writer
Liam Hickey
Maureen Farr

Fflat 2018.

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The Lieutenant
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PostSubject: Re: Lieutenant Adventures Series 12    Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:38 pm

Lieutenant Adventures Series 12 Chapter 3 8 June 2018. Exposition Part 2.
The Lieutenant sat at his desk and sighed softly reading the email about world leaders. "Shame for them. Fun for me!" he exclaimed. He got up and walked over to one of the other desks and read blueprints and plans. He then walked out onto the balcony and then stopped. He sighed softly. "Well then, I need someone to fix this!" He went to his desk and pressed a button opening the communications. "Someone fix the balcony and the windows," he said calmly.
"Yes, sir," Violet replied.
"Thank you," said the Lieutenant sarcastically and went back to looking at his plans.
Violet then came in with a load of brickwork and the required tools, went out to the balcony, left them down, came back into the office and went back out through the door again, shutting it behind her.
The Lieutenant looked up and smirked, watching her as she walked around. He shook his head and frowned as she kept leaving.
Violet returned again with a load of panes of glass, out to the balcony, left them down, back in, left the room again, shutting the door behind her.
"What the hell is she doing?" the Lieutenant asked himself.
Violet returned one more time, dragging the Heart by the scruff of his neck, dragging him out to the balcony. "Rebuild the bloody balcony and replace the windows. It's a simple task, or if that too much to get into your thick head?" she asked rhetorically. Clapping her heads, she said, "Come on, chop chop, get to it, you stupid sod." She left the balcony, left the office again, shutting the door behind her.
The Lieutenant laughed. "Oh my God. She's a genius and an idiot!" He shook his head. He suddenly felt something and realised he needed to be alone. He went out to the Heart and grabbed his shirt. "Get out," he said. He dragged him to the door and threw him out, locking it behind him.
"Bugger," said the Heart.
Violet came past and saw him outside. "Go to the kitchen," she whispered to him. "I'll be there in a minute."
The Lieutenant heard muttering but as usual decided to ignore it thinking it was in his head.
The Heart obeyed Violet.
The TARDIS was heard materialising inside the office and then the Cloister Bell chimed.
The Lieutenant sat while he looked around and sighed hearing the Cloister Bell, ignored it, not understanding why it was going off.
Violet stood with her ear pressed to the door, listening. She heard another man's voice, still sounded young and the Lieutenant's voice. Who was in there with him? She I've matured, I'm 1200 now. it off and headed down to the kitchen. Once inside, she shut the door. "Christ almighty, that man really gets to me," she said.
"He's mad," said the Heart.
"Oh, absolutely. He wasn't always, hard to believe, init?" said Violet.
"No, I remember him good, I used to be the evil one," said the Heart.
"What? Never! Really?" asked Violet.
"Oh, yeah, absolutely," said the Heart. "How do you know this, anyway?" he asked, suddenly confused.
"The lad who threw the pipe bomb was out the back, he told me," said Violet.
"Ah, right," said the Heart.
"Yeah. He also told me who's in there with him but I doubted him. I think I have put 2 and 2 together now," she said.
"Well? Spill the beans," said the Heart.
"Himself in the life before this one," said Violet.
"I always wondered what two Lieutenants in one place would be like," said the Heart. "It hasn't torn the fabric of reality yet," he said.
"He also said you're supposed to be up there," said Violet.
"That's rubbish," said the Heart, "he threw me out."
"No, he said that when the Lieutenant came here the very first time, you were in your first incarnation and were present in his office for the encounter but then he changed history when he forced you to regenerate for the first time and now you weren't present for the encounter."
"Ah, right, yes, that makes sense," said the Heart.
"Does it?!" asked Violet.
"I am a Time Lord, Violet, I know about these things," said the Heart.
"Yeah, I suppose, right, OK," said Violet.
A TARDIS was then heard dematerialising.
Violet looked at the Heart. "Time to go, quick," she said and disappeared.
The Heart went back up to the Lieutenant's office and waited for the dreaded moment he would be dragged back inside.
The Lieutenant walked over to the door and unlocked it. He grabbed the Heart and dragged him back in the office. He threw him back on the floor on the balcony and pushed him. "Back to work then," he said. He walked back to the blueprints and resumed studying them again.

While the Lieutenant had been talking to himself in his office, Penelope had been in her bedroom on board the TARDIS. She had been researching causes of regeneration in Time Lords. Some examples included Broken Hand, War Injuries, Dis-located Shoulder, Broken Leg, Desire, In preparation with something or come into contact with something fatal, and so the list goes on. Right, OK. Next was to research death in Time Lords as she couldn't allow for a regeneration to take hold.
The Lieutenant sat at his desk slowly moving his new arm around, sighing happily. He looked at Penelope and smirked.
Penelope looked at him and smiled. "I can't wait!"

The Lieutenant
Thomas Stevens
Alfie Deyes
Penelope Pratt
Gemma Arterton
The Iron Demon
Liam Hickey
Meryl Streep
The Heart
George Lucas
With special thanks to the BBC, FanFiction an YouTube.
Director and Writer
Liam Hickey
Maureen Farr

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Lieutenant Adventures Series 12 Chapter 4 22 June 2018. Exposition Part 3.
The Lieutenant sat at his desk slowly moving his new arm around, sighing happily. "This is much nicer than the old one!" he exclaimed. He looked at Penelope and smirked. "Want one?" he asked.
Penelope looked at him and smiled. "You what? No! I don't know!" she laughed.
The Lieutenant laughed softly and nodded. "Alright, up to you," he said. He smirked and got up. He walked around the room slowly.
"How's the new balcony?" asked Penelope.
The Lieutenant smirked and went over to the balcony, opening the door. "Wonderful," he said, walking onto the balcony. "Even the view," he said.
"Haha, Lieutenant, it's the same view!" laughed Penelope.
The Lieutenant laughed softly. "Not really, there's an angry mob on the way," he said.
"Oh, yay!" squealed Penelope excitedly. "I can't wait!"
"Neither can I," muttered the Lieutenant. He stood there for a moment, doing calculations in his head while he considered the best way to tackle the mob. Then, telepathically, he wondered into a few of the minds of members of the mob. While he was in there, he felt anger, hatred, but in each one of them, he felt fear. That was good, that would be all he would need to tackle and bring them down.
"Incoming," said Violet over the radio.
"Yes, thank you, Violet," said the Lieutenant. Then a shiver went down his spine. He had just entered the head of a Time Lord. There was a Time Lord among the people in the mob. Which one though? Oh. The Iron Demon was among them. "Oh, I should've known," he said aloud.
"Sorry?" asked Penelope from inside.
"Nah," said the Lieutenant, "don't be."
"No," said Penelope,"what did you say?"
"Nothing," said the Lieutenant.
Penelope frowned. 'Yes, you did,' she thought.
The Lieutenant turned to face left to look at the empty watch tower on his left. Then he turn to face right to look at the empty watch tower on his right. Then he faced centre again. He took out his radio. "Battle stations," he said and put away his radio.
"Roger," replied Violet.
Now it was just down to his Maths and eye-coordination. He watched the mob that was fast approaching. He took out his radio again and said, "Stop holding them off, let them in."
Violet heard the command over her own radio. "Lieutenant, they nearly killed you last time you said that," she warned.
"I know what I'm doing," said the Lieutenant.
"You said that last time," said Violet.
"Violet, do you have a death wish?" asked the Lieutenant.
"No, sir," said Violet.
"Well, then, don't question me," said the Lieutenant.
"Yes, sir, sorry, sir," said Violet.
"Oh, sorry, pardon me, you do have a death wish?" asked the Lieutenant.
"No, no, I was answering you, sir," said Violet.
"Hmmm," said the Lieutenant. The mob were close now. Over the radio again, he said, "On my command." Now it was just about waiting.
The men in the watch towers had loaded massive machine guns and were now poking them out the main window.
Just then the mob entered the compound grounds.
"Fire," said the Lieutenant over his radio.
The men in the watch towers opened fire, shooting into the crowd.
The Lieutenant watched over.
The Iron Demon wasn't shot but someone close to him was and he ducked behind the compound wall for cover. He then took out his phone, dialled a number and left the following message, "We need you. It's the end of the world. If you get this message, please don't delay."
"Stop," said the Lieutenant over his radio. "Clear up the bodies."
The Iron Demon ran back the way he came.
The Lieutenant left the balcony and went back into his office.
"That looked fun," said Penelope.
"It's not over yet," said the Lieutenant. He sat down at his desk, picked up the phone and dialled a number. He said, "Find where the world leaders are holding their meetings and blow up their building."
Penelope grinned.
The Lieutenant hung up. "Now we wait," he said.
"How long should it take?" asked Penelope.
"About ten minutes," said the Lieutenant.
The Heart burst into the Lieutenant's office suddenly.
Penelope looked shocked.
The Lieutenant was slowly getting angry. "What?" he said.
"The Doctor has heard about what you're doing," said the Heart. "He's on his way."
At first the Lieutenant looked shocked. Then he relaxed. "I'll believe it when I see it. Sod off," he said.
"No," said the Heart, "honestly, this is no trick, he's on the way," he said.
The Lieutenant rose from his chair and walked around to the Heart. He caught him by the scruff of his neck and dragged him to the door. "Honestly, I'll believe it when I see it. Sod. Off." He chucked the heart out and slammed the door shut. He sat down again, shaking his head. "The Doctor is on the way, I doubt that," he said. Just then the phone rang and he answered it.
"Successful," said the voice on the other end.
The Lieutenant hung up, satisfied, and relaxed in his chair.

While the Lieutenant had been killing the mob, Penelope had been in the TARDIS in her bedroom. She was researching death in Time Lords. Regeneration is not inevitable. Deaths of Time Lords have been caused in the past by a staser and drowning. There are probably more causes but she couldn't find them. Good, she was getting an idea for how this all worked.
The Lieutenant sat at his desk making and receiving phone calls all day. Some callers were making death threats which he found funny but nonetheless, he had them captures and tortured. The Lieutenant briefly wondered if his reign was near an end but he brushed the thought aside. "He's here," said the Lieutenant.

The Lieutenant
Thomas Stevens
Penelope Pratt
Gemma Arterton
The Iron Demon
Liam Hickey
Meryl Streep
The Heart
George Lucas
The Doctor
Peter Capaldi
With special thanks to the BBC, FanFiction and YouTube.
Writer and Director
Liam Hickey
Maureen Farr

Fflat 2018

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Lieutenant Adventures Series 12
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