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 Susan Campbell

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Susan Campbell
Susan Campbell

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PostSubject: Susan Campbell   Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:45 pm

Species: Gallifreyan
Rank: Time Lady of the Prydonian Chapter
Age: 789 years old.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Eyes: Icy Blue
Hair: Black, cropped, much like her first body.
Personality: This is the third regeneration of Susan. She has escaped the Time War after fighting for the last part of her first life and all of her second. She has known only war for centuries, and she is having trouble handling a universe in healing. She is grieving the loss of her people, for she believes she is the last of the Time Lords. She is quiet, therefore, except when she sees injustice. She can handle herself and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty if the situation requires.
Family: David, her husband, died when he was ninety in 22nd Century Earth, and her grandchildren have never known her upon her own request, for she did not want to get attached to those she knew she would lose sooner rather than later. The Doctor, her grandfather, is still alive, but she has no knowledge of this.
Home world: Gallifrey, but she believes it to be destroyed.
Likes: Quiet nights in her TARDIS.
Dislikes: Staying in one place for more than a little bit.
Strengths: Very skilled in telepathy. Pilots the TARDIS with near pinpoint accuracy.
Weaknesses: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Impatient when people can't understand what she is talking about.
History: Susan's First regeneration was born on Gallifrey with the nickname Arkytior. She was the last child born before the implementation of Pythia's Curse, making all female Gallifreyans unable to conceive children. This made Susan the last child not to be Loomed. Before she finished the Time Lord Academy, she and her grandfather, the First Doctor, ran away from Gallifrey, the Doctor stealing a Type 40 TARDIS. After this, she traveled with her grandfather, the First Doctor, as well as Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton. During a trip to 22nd Century Earth, the four travelers discovered a Dalek invasion of the planet, where she also met David Campbell, one of the rebels fighting against the Daleks. After the Daleks were defeated, her grandfather left her on Earth with David, where the two married and had three children. In the early 2200s, Susan received the summons from the Gallifreyan Sweepers, recruiting all and any Gallifreyan for the effort in the Last Great Time War. While her grandfather made an attempt to intercept the summons, Susan returned to Gallifrey, where she was granted a full set of regenerations in return for her service. This provoked her regeneration into her Second form.

Her Second regeneration was during the Last Great Time War. This regeneration was that of a warrior, and she was ruthless in her fight for Gallifrey. She was close friends with Romana when Romana was President, and she was forced into hiding when Rassilon rose to power. Her TARDIS was destroyed fleeing from the High Council, but it crashed onto Earth, where she regenerated into her Third form.

Her Third regeneration was drawn out of her chameleon circuit after about fifty years of hiding in 24th Century Earth. At the turn of the century, the artron energy emitting from her pocket watch drew the attention of Torchwood, particularly Jack Harkness. She was taken in by Torchwood, and, eventually, was drawn to open it. When she did open it, she discovered that her telepathic connection to the rest of her people had been severed. She worked for Torchwood for six years, before she grew restless, stealing a Vortex Manipulator and making for the stars.

Other: Having no capsule for her travels, Susan sleeps very little- something she claims is a necessity, but she really suffers nightmares from her Time fighting in the War, making her avoid sleep as much as she can.
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The Lieutenant
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Hard Worker
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PostSubject: Re: Susan Campbell   Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:45 pm

Only thing I could pick out was regeneration and incarnation aren't the same thing so when you say third regeneration, that means 4th incarnation, I presume you meant incarnation though. Otherwise, excellent, well done! Accepted.

Lieuty Wink
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Susan Campbell
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