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 Lieutenant Adventures Series 11

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PostSubject: Lieutenant Adventures Series 11   Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:23 am

Lieutenant Adventures Series 11 Debut Chapter 1 1 July 2017. Start up.
Previously: Stage 4. He limped over to the Master Lever and pulled it. The Lieutenant crawled painfully out of it and stood up.
The Cloister Bell rang.
Rhonda Ruiz, 40 years old, a soldier. She fell in love with a cybernetic dog from the stars.
Chico, 737 years old, a cybernetic dog.
She groaned again and then was silent. The TARDIS groaned then rocketed out of the Time Vortex and down to Earth. The Cloister Bell began to ring and sparks flew from the console.
"Oh my, that hurts."
"We will visit Gallifrey for this and we will kill the Time Lord responsible," he vowed.
The Lieutenant was walking around the ship, putting on a fake smile to all he saw.
The chef looked up.
"Yes," said the Lieutenant.
They had just tied the knot.

Lieutenant Adventures Series 11.

Flavia sat in her office, looking out of the window. She had watched the spaceship enter Gallifrey's atmosphere and she was quite concerned. Gallifrey couldn't go to war again. The Lord President had got them into this mess.
"Oracle," she called.
The Oracle came in. "Flavia," he said.
"Have you been keeping an eye on the Lord President?" asked Flavia.
"Yes," said the Oracle.
"OK, there was the business with the crabs, what's happened now?" asked Flavia.
"He killed a number of horses and a number of crew on a spaceship," said the Oracle.
"And the Space Crabs have entered our atmosphere, they will almost certainly kill us for the deaths of their earthly brothers and sisters. That settle it. I am taking action. Pull him down," said Flavia.
"Flavia," nodded the Oracle and he left right away to the room which controls all TARDISes.
New Intro:
Inside the TARDIS, the flight patterns changed from cruise to landing.
The Lieutenant looked up suddenly at the walls of the TARDIS. "What's happening? Oh, no, no, they can't do this," he said.
The TARDIS, all too willingly, materialised in a dungeon and powered down.
The Lieutenant smashed his hands against the console unit and yelled, "No!"
"That hurt," said the TARDIS.
"Oh, shut up, you're the one that brought us here," said the Lieutenant.
"No, actually, it was that handsome son of yours," said the TARDIS.
"Oh, of course it was, why isn't that a surprise?" he sighed and went towards the door before slowly turning back to the console unit. "You didn't fight back, just something to think about, I expect we'll be here for a while," he sighed angrily and walked out of the TARDIS.
The TARDIS locked her doors in a sort of "Take that!" style.
The Lieutenant looked over his shouler at the TARDIS. "Fine, you pout," he said.
The room was small to medium sized, had a low down stone shelf with a pillow for a bed, a wooden bucket of water for a sink and a hole in the floor for a toilet. There were no windows, the only way in and out was a barred metal door.
The Oracle appeared at the barred metal door.
The Lieutenant looked around, not noticing the Oracle. "Well, he's put me in a cell. I'm surprised it took him that long," he said.
"There is no escape, Lord President," said the Oracle. "We have disabled all time travelling devices you may own. I have the keys to your cell. It looks like your TARDIS is helping us and has locked you out. She stays in there with you also." He stepped back from the door so that if the Lieutenant tried anything, he couldn't reach him. "I'm sorry it has come to this, sir. Flavia will be with you shortly," he said. "Have you anything to say for yourself?"
The Lieutenant spun round when he heard the Oracle. "Oh, don't be sorry about doing this, I am impressed you were able to." He put his hand through the bars, extending it towards the Oracle.
The Oracle looked at the hand of his father and laughed. "The hand of a murderer." He batted it away. "Get your hand away from me," he snarled.
The Lieutenant sighed. "All I wanted to do was shake my son's hand, do you think I can kill by touch now? I may be powerful but I'm not that strong," he said.
"I don't trust you. You could end my current life and I like it very much, thank you, much better than my first one, but I wouldn't care, if it stopped someone like you. What made you like this? Who are you anymore?" asked the Oracle.
"Enough," said a female voice behind him. Flavia had arrived.
The Lieutenant sighed and looked at her. "Hello, Flavia," he said.
"The Space Crabs are here, they tell me you killed all their earthly brothers and sisters and, sir, not only that, you killed horses and people. This is unacceptable. Cuff him, Oracle," said Flavia.
The Oracle cuffed the Lieutenant through the bars, cuffing his hands behind his back, then opened the door and pulled him out.
The Lieutenant didn't resist at all. "Well, I didn't kill all of the crabs, a lot of them escaped. The horses and people, yeah, that was me," he said.
"Unacceptable. Oracle, follow me, we're bringing him to the President's chamber," said Flavia.
The Lieutenant smiled. "So, who is the President now then," he asked.
The Oracle led the Lieutenant, still cuffed, after Flavia. "You are, sir, but you won't be much longer," he hissed. They arrived at the President's chamber. The stands were filled up with lots and lots of people to see their Lord President.
The Lieutenant smirked, walking with them. "So, if I'm still the President," he walked into the chamber and saw all the people, "these are traitors! They're trying to overthrow me! I am your Lord President! Help me! he exclaimed.
The crowed booed and hissed and chucked their rubbish at him.
The Lieutenant laughed and shrugged. "Well, it was worth a try," he said.
"Excuse me, who told you to do that?!" shrieked Flavia. "He is still our Lord President."
The Lieutenant slowly turned to look at her and smiled slightly. "Can you take the cuffs off, please?" he asked.
The crowd booed and hissed and chucked their rubbish at her.
The Lieutenant looked back them, growled slightly and rolled his eyes.
Flavia nodded to the Oracle.
The Lieutenant moved his hands so that he could take the cuffs off.
The Oracle dragged the Lieutenant up to the stage and, once up there, put sellotape over his mouth. "Nice try," he said.
The Lieutenant sighed and rolled his eyes, saying something but it was muffled by the sellotape.
"You weren't asked to speak," growled the Oracle.
"Neither were you," said Flavia.
The Lieutenant laughed slightly but it was muffled, however, it was still audible.
Flavia spoke. "This is the man who killed all the killed all the crabs at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean!" she exclaimed and got a roar of agreement from the crowd. "This is the man that killed five innocent horses!" Another agreeing roar. "This is the man that killed innocent Human Beings! Who is to say he hasn't killed innocent Time Lords?" Another agreeing roar. "This is the man that stood for you as your Lord President! NO! DON'T THROW ANYTHING AT HIM!"
"It's the least he deserves," someone shouted.
The Lieutenant, again, tried to say something but couldn't so just sighed.
Flavia went up to the stage and stood beside the Lieutenant. "All in favour of demoting the Lord President, say aye. Aye," said Flavia.
"Aye," said the Oracle.
"Aye," roared the crowd.
The Lieutenant looked at her and rolled his eyes and a muffled noise came from him.
Flavia nodded to the Oracle.
The Oracle dragged the Lieutenant down from the stage. Then there was a sort of red haze around the Lieutenant that lasted about two minutes.
When the haze around the Lieutenant faded, Flavia moved to the centre of the stage. "Who of you would accept me as your Lady President?" A shout rose up. "No, no, I can't hear you," said Flavia, "I said, WHO OF YOU WOULD ACCEPT ME AS YOUR LADY PRESIDENT?!" A roar rose up. "That's better," said Flavia. Then a red haze appeared around her and lasted two minutes. "Take him away," said the new Lady President when the haze faded.
The Oracle dragged the Lieutenant out of the chamber and ripped the sellotape off his mouth.
The Lieutenant groaned and opened his mouth a few times. "Thank you for that. Cuffs?" he asked.
"Not yet," growled the Oracle. He dragged him back to his cell and threw him in, however, he didn't shut the door. He stood glaring at the Lieutenant, his eyes flaring. "The Lady President will be with you in a moment," he growled.
The Lieutenant groaned softly, falling to the floor. "Ouch," he said angrily as he sat against the wall. "Oh, yeah, the Lady President. Send her in!" he exclaimed.
Flavia appeared at the door. She looked down at the former Lord President and shook her head. She walked into the cell and stood facing him.
The Lieutenant looked up at her and bowed slightly. "Lady President," he said.
"I am, yes, I am Lady President now," said Flavia sternly. "I do have power right now to exile you from Gallifrey but I won't. I won't because I think the Lieutenant I used to know is still in there. I don't know whether regeneration did this alone or whether you just became evil. If regeneration did this, I doubt my Lieutenant is still in there. The Space Crabs are here. They vowed to kill the Time Lord responsible for killing their earthly brothers and sisters. I have power to execute you know if I want to but I won't. I won't because I don't think your offenses are that bad yet. I have power to trigger your next regeneration and I have power to shape the outcome of your next regeneration but I won't do that either. I won't because I feel you need to do a bit more to earn that yet. I will not be popular for my decisions, Lieutenant, this is all your fault!" cried Flavia.
The Lieutenant sighed and slowly stood up, looking at her in the eyes. "You didn't have to do any of this. You could have left my to myself, I would never have bothered you, the Time Lords of Gallifrey. But you intervened. If you'd have left me alone then the Time Lords would never have known and you wouldn't be in this position. You could've let the crabs hunt me because they would never have found me but now you've left them right to me. You'd may as well kill me yourself. Trust me, you will be popular if you make the right decision. But you've got to decide what is right," he sighed. He sat back down. "When are you going to hand me over to them?"
"Stop right there. I am not to blame for your crimes. Clearly, Gallifrey didn't want that for a President. I have commissioned the Iron Demon to spy on you and the Oracle and I will be keeping a close eye on you also. However, we cannot forget that you were the Lord President and a great one you were before you regenerated too. As an act of gratitude, the oracle and I have, secretly, picked out a Human to be your companion. She has had a rough life, her husband is a drunk. She was bullied at school over her surname and she keeps the name now as she hates her husband. We have her in a cell, we will deliver her to you soon. Don't worry, she is evil too, that's why she must be kept a secret," said Flavia with a slight smile, then she was stern again. "Stand up," she commanded.
The Lieutenant looked up at her. "You'd give me a companion? You'd give me someone who's just as evil and probably as crazy as me? Why? What in your head is broken that makes you think it's a good idea? But she's already here on Gallifrey. I guess you've got no choice but to do it now." He slowly stood up and noticed her smile. He winked at her. "Can the cuffs come off now?" he asked.
Flavia took the cuffs off and threw them to the Oracle who caught them and put them away.
The Lieutenant sighed softly and gently rubbed his wrists. "Thank you," he said.
Flavia nodded to the Oracle who disappeared around the corner.
The Lieutenant watched them, waiting.
The Oracle came back with a girl.
"About time," said the girl. "Is that him? I thought he'd be taller."
The Lieutenant scoffed. "I thought you'd be uglier," he said.
"Lieutenant, this is Penelope Pratt," said Flavia. "Penelope, this is the Lieutenant."
"Penelope," he said to himself, looking at her. "Where have I heard that name before...?" he muttered.
"You know her?" asked Flavia.
The Lieutenant gave her an angry look. "Ssh," he said to her.
"Now, Lieutenant, you have your companion, you have your TARDIS, I have asked her to let you back in but, remember, you are warned. I also have power to disable your regenerations and I will do so if I feel you should die. Am I clear?" asked Flavia.
"Blah blah blah," said the Lieutenant, walking past her. "Come on, then, Penelope, let's go," he said, walking towards the TARDIS.
"Yeah, whatever," she said, following him.
Once they were in the TARDIS it dematerialised very reluctantly.
The Lieutenant smiled, sitting down in the console room. "Thank you, girl," he said.
Flavia couldn't help smiling at the dematerialising TARDIS. "She really hates him now. Her beaviour amuses me. I'm proud of her," she said, then her and the Oracle went to the TARDIS station and picked out one of them. "Bring in the Iron Demon," said Flavia.
The Oracle went. He came back with the Iron Demon.
Flavia looked at the spy. "This is your TARDIS now. Use her well. Break the circuit if you like. Good luck, don't fail us," she said.
"Type?" asked the Iron Demon.
"Seventy," said Flavia.
The Iron Demon bowed for Flavia. "Lady President," he said, then he straightened up, went into the TARDIS and dematerialised it.
Flavia smiled. "He won't fail us," she said.
Inside the TARDIS, the Iron Demon examined everything. He did break the circuit to a degree but not completely.

Inside the TARDIS, Penelope looked around the Lieutenant's TARDIS. "I didn't expect that, I could have sworn it was tiny on the outside," she said.
The Lieutenant laughed and shook his head. "Don't do that, please, just accept the fact that it's bigger on the inside," he said.
"It really is then. Even better," she laughed.
The Lieutenant sighed. "Why is that better?" he asked.
"More space in case you want to lengthen out," said Penelope
Penelope Pratt was 43 years old. She did work well with the Lieutenant but she did irritate him too.
He decided that Penelope was a touching gift from the High Council but, also, that he didn't just randomly give trust to a stranger.
He pulled the Master Lever.
The Lieutenant
Thomas Stevens
Penelope Pratt
Gemma Arterton
The Iron Demon
Patrick Lyons
The Oracle
Alex Rodriguez
Oprah Winfrey
With special thanks to the BBC, FanFiction and YouTube.
Writer and Director
Liam Hickey
Maureen Farr
Fflat 2017.

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PostSubject: Re: Lieutenant Adventures Series 11   Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:20 am

Lieutenant Adventures Series 11 Chapter 2 8 July 2017. Irritation.
Penelope Pratt was 43 years old. She was evil. She did work well with the Lieutenant but she did irritate him too.
The Lieutenant watched Penelope as she examined the whole TARDIS control room again and again. He decided that Penelope was a touching gift from the High Council but, also, that he didn't just randomly give trust to a stranger. He decided to test her, to see if she was really up to the mark. He would combine science and death and, if she was really right for him, she would do well and be smart.
Penelope, too, didn't give trust away easily and she decided that she would test her new associate.
The Lieutenant decided that he was going to attempt to kill her but he would leave her a way out if she was smart enough.
Penelope also decided that she was going to attempt to kill her associate. Penelope, however, was leaving no way out of hers. He either survived or he didn't. She went exploring the rest of the TARDIS. When she came upon the kitchen, she nicked a couple of knives. When she came upon the weapons room, she nicked two pistols. She returned to her room with the weapons. She hid the knives in her room, should she need them in the future. Then she took up the pistols. Both had one barrel with six bullets in them. She took five of the bullets out of them and hid the bullets in case she needed them. She left the other 6 in the other one. She spun the barrel of the pistol with the one bullet, stopped it randomly and loaded it.
The Lieutenant, meanwhile, has a bottle of red wine ready. He also had a special bottle of red wine mixed with cyanide made up. He put a vase of new flowers on the table beside his armchair.

A couple of hours later, the Lieutenant was attempting to operate his TARDIS when he heard a click. He turned around to see a gun in his face.
"Stay exactly where you are, do not move," said Penelope.
The Lieutenant remained calm and stared directly back at Penelope.
Penelope bent down and took out her second pistol, out of her boot. "Catch," she said, throwing it to the Lieutenant.
The Lieutenant caught the pistol.
"Point it at your head," commanded Penelope.
The Lieutenant didn't move.
"Now!" exclaimed Penelope, tightening her finger on the trigger.
The Lieutenant obeyed her.
"We're going to have a nice game of Russian Roulette," said Penelope.
"If you kill me, you have Flavia to answer to," said the Lieutenant.
"If I don't, nothing's different," said Penelope. "One of the slots is loaded. Pull the trigger," she said.
The Lieutenant saw no point in arguing. He pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. He smiled.
"Spin the barrel," said Penelope, "then pull the trigger."
The Lieutenant spun the barrel and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.
"Do it again," said Penelope.
The Lieutenant repeated. Nothing happened.
"Again," said Penelope.
The Lieutenant repeated. Nothing happened.
"Again," said Penelope.
The Lieutenant repeated. Nothing happened. He had completed his part of the deal.
Penelope lowered the gun. "Congratulations," she smiled, taking the two guns and hiding them in her room.

Later on, when the TARDIS was in Night Mode, the Lieutenant came in from his room.
Penelope was sitting in her own armchair in the control room which had been moved there for her.
"Would you care so much as to drink with me?" asked the Lieutenant.
"Depends," said Penelope.
"On?" asked the Lieutenant.
"The drink," said Penelope.
"Red wine," said the Lieutenant.
Penelope had her suspicions. "Sure," she said.
The Lieutenant went to the kitchen, came back with a table for her and went again. When he emerged again, he had a glass of red wine for himself and a glass of red wine for Penelope. He handed hers to her and then sat down with his and took a sip.
Penelope sniffed the liquid in case it was poisoned. It wasn't.
The Lieutenant saw. "Fruity enough for you?" he asked.
"Yes, thank you," said Penelope and she drank.
When they finished, the Lieutenant refilled his glass with red wine but filled Penelope's glass with the cyanide red wine and returned. He drank his wine and enjoyed it.
Penelope didn't even check this time, she just drank.
When they finished, the Lieutenant took both glasses into the kitchen and washed them immensely, then he locked himself in and pressed his ear to the door.
Penelope sat for a while before she started to feel queasy. It was then she realised she had been poisoned. She knew what she had to do. She had to be sick or die of poisoning. She looked speedily around for something to make her sick, then she saw it. The vase of flowers on the Lieutenant's table. She tipped the flowers out and drank the murky water, then rushed to the toilet to be sick.
The Lieutenant unlocked the kitchen door, took the cyanide red wine, went to the front door of the TARDIS and chucked it out to dispose of it. Then he gathered up the flowers and the vase and disposed of them too. "I don't like flowers," muttered the Lieutenant. The results of the day's tests were that the Lieutenant and Penelope were smart and would have many adventures to come, however, Penelope irritated the Lieutenant so he vowed that, when he had finished with her, he would kill her.
Penelope returned from the toilet. She looked pale. "Quits," she croaked.
"Yes," said the Lieutenant. "And no more threatening me on my own TARDIS or there will be serious trouble, am I clear?" he asked.
"Yes. Crystal," said Penelope.
The Lieutenant smiled slightly. "Welcome aboard the TARDIS," he said. He pulled the Master Lever.
Ezmerelda was in the kitchen, clearing away the things after dinner. She walked slowly over to the wall and picked up her walking stick and, leaning on it, walked slowly back to her chair in the sitting room, beside the fire. "I should look into getting a maid."
"Shut up," said the Lieutenant.

The Lieutenant
Thomas Stevens
Penelope Pratt
Gemma Arterton
The Iron Demon
Patrick Lyons
Oprah Winfrey
With special thanks to the BBC, FanFiction and YouTube.
Director and writer
Liam Hickey
Maureen Farr
Fflat 2017.

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PostSubject: Re: Lieutenant Adventures Series 11   Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:50 am

Lieutenant Adventures Series 11 Chapter 3 15 July 2017. Ezmerelda Returns.
Ezmerelda was in her kitchen, clearing away the things after dinner. She couldn't be bothered clearing up now, she could do it later. She walked slowly over to the wall and picked up her walking stick and, leaning on it, walking slowly back to her chair in the sitting room, beside the fire. It was a chilly night tonight and the stars were shining so Ezmerelda would need to stay warm tonight, at 72 years old, she was now very vulnerable. "I should look into getting a maid. I can't do things myself anymore. My husband isn't here when I need him, neither is my son." She laughed to herself. "I'm talking to an empty cold room." Deep down, Ezmerelda wished the red telephone box would make an appearance again. She was aware she mightn't even recognise her husband or son. She couldn't shake off the feeling that they had done something stupid and were dead. She heaved herself over to the window to look into the starry sky, to look for any signs of a red telephone box but...nothing. She went back to her seat and thought herself a silly old fool.
New Intro:
The Lieutenant sighed and walked around the console unit, the TARDIS shook slightly and he looked at it. "What are you doing?" he asked with a sigh. "Where are we going?" He looked at the screen. "Really? You're taking me there?" asked the Lieutenant.
"I'm not, something down there is doing it. An imagination by the feel of it," said the TARDIS.
"An imagination?" asked the Lieutenant. "Wait, I know where we are. Oh no. Well, this will be interesting," he said. He pulled a lever and the TARDIS shook.
"What is it? What's happening?" asked Penelope.
"The TARDIS is bringing us somewhere I've been before, somewhere I haven't been in a long time. When we get there you need to stay in the TARDIS. What's about to happen, I need to do alone," said the Lieutenant.
"Why should she? Ez might like to see who you're dragging around the Universe now," said the TARDIS.
"Oh, shut up, you know that I need to see her alone," said the Lieutenant.
"If the request hadn't touched my soul, I would be keeping you away from her, as far as possible," said the TARDIS.
"I'm not going to hurt her," said the Lieutenant.
The TARDIS made a sound that sounded like a sarcastic laugh and materialised.
The Lieutenant sighed and left the TARDIS, looking at the house.
Ezmerelda froze. She had heard the oddly alien noise outside.
The Lieutenant took a breath then walked over to her front door and knocked on it, he wasn't just going to walk straight in.
Ezmerelda sat there, trying to get the courage to go to the door, finally, she heaved herself up on her walking stick and went to the door, slowly and gently, she opened the door.
The Lieutenant looked at the woman who was now standing in front of him, it had been a very long time.
Ezmerelda just gazed back. "Is it you?" she asked gently.
"Yes, it's me," said the Lieutenant.
"Don't lie to me," said Ezmerelda.
"You sent the message, what makes you think I'm lying to you?" asked the Lieutenant.
Ezmerelda's eyes widened in recognition, then she began to cry. "You got it! You really got the message," she said and then she hugged him.
Although the Lieutenant didn't have much time in his life now for good, he was saddened by Ezmerelda's ailing health. Yes, he did have a time machine but Ezmerelda was his wife, not his toy. He should visit her according to his and her linear timelines and not jump all over it.
After the hug, Ezmerelda hit the Lieutenant with her walking stick. "I thought you died. I thought thirteen was the maximum a Time Lord got!" she exclaimed.
"I might die if you don't stop hitting me," said the Lieutenant. "Shall we go inside and I'll tell you more?" he asked. He walked into the house, shutting the door behind them and accompanied his wife into her small sitting room and helped her into her seat by the stove. He topped up the stove.
Ezmerelda dropped her walking stick.
The Lieutenant picked it up again and propped it up again against her armchair and sat down. "Where were we? Yes, a Time Lord has twelve regenerations, that's a total of thirteen lives and then they die, however, there are exceptions," said the Lieutenant.
"Oh, yes? Like what?" asked Ezmerelda.
"Like what you people have on this planet, a pension for when you're old or for when you are disabled or some people get incentives and then the baddies steal. I will explain all of them in turn. On Gallifrey, the equivalent of your pension is a new cycle of twelve regenerations as a reward for what you achieved in your first twelve lives," explained the Lieutenant.
"Mhm," said Ezmerelda.
"On Gallifrey, your grant is a cycle of twelve regenerations given for if there is unfinished work you need to finish, for example, if you started something and you were mortally injured doing that, the Time Lords allow you more life so you can finish that or those tasks," explained the Lieutenant.
"Right," said Ezmerelda.
"On Gallifrey, the equivalent of your loan is extra life for more life experience. You might ask, "How does interest and paying back work?" Well, interest is that the Time Lords literally take an interest in the life of the Time Lord who requested the regenerations. If the Time Lord is using them for anymore than what they requested them for, then they remove the rest of the Time Lord's regenerations and carry out the equivalent of the death sentence immediately which leaves no trace, except memories, of what or who the Time Lord used to be. Paying it back also works on the same lines as your interest. When the Time Lords see that the task that required extra life has been finished they remove the remaining regenerations and allow the Time Lord to live out the rest of theor current life and die at the end of it," explained the Lieutenant.
"OK," said Ezmerelda.
"On Gallifrey, incentives work differently. If a Time Lord isn't enjoying their lives but is getting on well with other Time Lords and doing good work, the Time Lords might plead with them and offer them a few more regenerations to get better friendships going and to get more work done. On the Time Lords' part, this is good because it means they don't need to think about a replacement for the Time Lord when the Time Lord finally gets to the end of their original twelve regenerations," explained the Lieutenant.
"Hmmmmm," said Ezmerelda.
"And there are always baddies everywhere. Baddies who are greedy for more life. I can't blame them really, life is great for some Time Lords. The baddies steal Human bodies, they steal other Time Lords' remaining regenerations in order to survive, they become jinees, they use fob watches, sort of like pocket watches here, to sustain lives. They create new bodies and transfer their brains, they create mechanical bodies that can't be destroyed and transfer their brains. The most famous cases of these are the Master, you remember the Master, and Morbius. The most famous victims include the Doctor," said the Lieutenant.
"Mmmmmmm," said Ezmerelda. "So which one are you?" she asked.
"Well, to begin with, this is now my fifteenth life, in my fourteenth life, I was Lord President of Gallifrey," said the Lieutenant.
"Oh, what's that then?" asked Ezmerelda. "Is it like the Prime Minister?" she asked.
The Lieutenant laughed. "Yeah, sort of," he said. "This cycle of regenerations is my pension for serving as Lord President," he said. "That was the condition, they revive me, I serve as Lord President," he said.
"Ah, right, and how come you look younger the older you get?" asked Ezmerelda.
The Lieutenant just smiled. "Yeah, I'll be a baby next," he said.
"You're a baby now!" exclaimed Ezmerelda. "What age are you now?" she asked.
"4,420," said the Lieutenant.
"Oh, not bad considering sometimes," said Ezmerelda, "only 400 years this time since you died," she said.
"Yeah," said the Lieutenant.
"Anyway, I have washing up to do," said Ezmerelda and she heaved herself up.
"I can do it for you," said the Lieutenant, also getting up.
"No, you have your adventures to have. I have my dishes to wash. Just like how it used to be," said Ezmerelda.
The Lieutenant and Ezmerelda hugged each other one final time.
"Now then, on you go or I'll get nothing done," said Ezmerelda.
The Lieutenant smiled. "Goodbye, Ezmerelda," he said.
"Goodbye," said Ezmerelda.
The Lieutenant left the house, went back across to the TARDIS and stepped in with a smile on his face. He dematerialised the TARDIS and while he did so, the smile faded from his face.
"That was really lovely," said the TARDIS and Penelope together.
"Shut up," snapped the Lieutenant.
The TARDIS flew through the Time Vortex.
The Lieutenant looked at the console and then at Penelope. "Stupid girl. Yes, of course I was serious, Penelope, we are going to track her down one day and we are going to kill Missy."
The Lieutenant
Thomas Stevens
Penelope Pratt
Gemma Arterton
Ezmerelda Hartingale
Beth Morris
Kelly Lynch
The Master
Geoffrey Beevers
Gordon Tipple
Eric Roberts
James Floyd
Michael Spice
The Doctor
Paul McGann
With special thanks to the BBC, FanFiction and YouTube.
Writer and Director
Liam Hickey
Maureen Farr
Fflat 2017.

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Lieutenant Adventures Series 11 Chapter 4 22 July 2017. The Master Games.
The TARDIS flew through the Time Vortex. Suddenly there was a beeping like an alarm and the TARDIS made an emergency landing.
The Lieutenant looked at the console and then at Penelope. "What have you done to it?" he asked. "Stupid girl."
"I wasn't anywhere near the table! How could I have done anything?" shouted Penelope.
"It's not a table, it's called the console," snapped the Lieutenant.
"OK. Kill me for getting it wrong. Go on. Do it," commanded Penelope.
The Lieutenant looked at her and considered it for a moment.
"Well, don't hurry to see where you've crashed us, will you?" said the Lieutenant sarcastically while heading to the door.
"It wasn't me! How many times?! I was nowhere near your stupid machine!" complained Penelope.
The Lieutenant sensed something wrong the minute he left the TARDIS. He had his screwdriver out and it was picking up a lot of life forms.
"Where has the machine taken us?" asked Penelope when she left the TARDIS.
"Shut up, girl, I'm trying to listen," snapped the Lieutenant. "I can't see far ahead, it's pitch black and we're echoing so it's a cave," he said.
Suddenly, a running noise, the sound of thousands of paws, if not more, came from the darkness.
The Lieutenant took a few steps backwards, reluctant to use another regeneration so close to his last one.
Suddenly, wolves came out of the darkness and jumped on the Lieutenant and Penelope.
"Go on! Feast," said ???.
"Shut up, Penelope," snapped the Lieutenant.
"Stop suspecting me of everything!" exclaimed Penelope. She slapped a wolf over the head and it gave her enough time to get her knife out of her boot and she cut some wolves' necks."It wasn't me," she said. She reached for her gun, in her other boot, and shot out the brains of the wolves around her.
"You have to earn my respect, I'm afraid," said the Lieutenant, just as he was bitten. "Ow, bloody BEAUTIFUL PERSON!" He gave the wolf a good wallop.
Penelope shot out the brains of the wolves attacking the Lieutenant. "Have I earned it now?" she asked.
"Watch where you're shooting, girl, you could have shot me. Where would I have been then, eh? Regenerated and probably good again," ranted the Lieutenant.
"What are you garbling on about?" spat Penelope.
"Forget it, back in, quickly, more coming," said the Lieutenant, shoving Penelope back into the TARDIS and following her in. "Who spoke, anyway, if it wasn't you?" asked the Lieutenant.
"How do I know? I was behind you!" exclaimed Penelope.
The wolves could be heard scratching at the door of the TARDIS. "Go, Lieutenant, or do we want to be attacked again?" asked Penelope.
"Not particularly," said the Lieutenant, performing an emergency take off.
"What do I have to do to earn your trust?" asked Penelope.
"Well, you're only Human, you're inferior to me," said the Lieutenant, so, let me see. Kill me successfully, that's your challenge," said the Lieutenant.
"How can you respect me when you're dead?" asked Penelope.
"I've been a ghost after death before, why can't I be again?" asked the Lieutenant.
"So, I kill you, you come back and walk through walls and trust me and haunt me?" asked Penelope.
"Deal," said the Lieutenant, half-bored to death already.
Suddenly, there was a beeping sound and the TARDIS made another emergency landing.
"OK, I'll give you that one, you were no way near that time," said the Lieutenant.
"Thank you," said Penelope. "So, what did you do then?" she demanded.
"It wasn't me!" exclaimed the Lieutenant.
"Be very careful who you accuse, Lieutenant," snarled Penelope.
Suddenly, there was a pelting against the outside of the TARDIS like gunfire.
"Come out of the TARDIS with your hands up," said ???, the same voice from before.
"Yeah, right," said the Lieutenant, performing another emergency take off.
"A Time Lord!" exclaimed Penelope.
"Not necessarily," said the Lieutenant.
"But they know what a TARDIS is," said Penelope.
"The Time Lords aren't the only species that know about TARDISes," said the Lieutenant.
The TARDIS performed another emergency landing.
The Lieutenant turned on the scanner.
It displayed Hell. Literally, they had landed in Hell. Quickly, the Lieutenant performed an emergency take off. "Near-death attacks, a glimpse of the afterlife. Someone's trying to kill us but I doubt it's a Time Lord. I am now the most dangerous Time Lord alive," said the Lieutenant.
The TARDIS suddenly powered down, Completely powerless except for the comms.
"I am a Time Lady," said ???.
"Who are you?" asked the Lieutenant. "Which one, leave me alone or I'll splatter your brains and enjoy eating them," said the Lieutenant.
"I like your assistant," said ???.
"Answer the question, woman," bellowed the Lieutenant.
"Shut up, child, I'm not finished speaking," said ???.
"I used to be an executioner, I'll have you know, I used to be Lord President, you should respect me," said the Lieutenant.
"I still am an executioner and I used to be a Master," said ???, "you should respect me. I'm sending you a message now," she said.
Both the Lieutenant and Penelope stood in darkness for a moment. Then the Lieutenant rolled his eyes to Heaven. "Some good Time Lord you are if you can't control a TARDIS by mind-control," said the Lieutenant, sarcastically.
Just then, the scanner and hologram flickered to life, displaying a word, just a single word, all the instruments with a screen on the console displaying the same word, through the comms and every radio, the same word said and repeated over and over and over.
The Lieutenant gaped, he couldn't believe his eyes. It was time to chase her off.
Penelope was stunned. "Lieutenant, what is it? What's Missy?" she asked.
The Lieutenant turned to her. "How many times today have I told you to shut up, girl?" he yelled.
Missy stopped her message and resumed speaking on the comms. "Is that fear?" she asked. "Is the big bad Time Lord scared?"
"No," said the Lieutenant. "You are."
Missy laughed. "Why am I? I'm bigger and badder. Better. What use have I for fear?" she asked.
"Be off with you, Missy, because you seriously don't know what is now hunting you down and, I swear, we will kill you," snarled the Lieutenant.
"Make me," she said. "What can you do? Your TARDIS is dead," said Missy.
"This," said the Lieutenant, whipping out his screwdriver and pointing it at the comms whilst holding down the button. The noise was loud and horrible and, while Missy was distracted, he pulled a lever and powered the TARDIS back up. Then he stopped.
"Ow, ow, ow! My ears are bleeding, Lieutenant. My ears are literally bleeding. Do you realise what you just did? You could have deafened if not killed me!" exclaimed Missy.
"That's good," said the Lieutenant, "and do you know why that's good? It's good because it means you'll be careful before crossing paths with me again," he said. He then cut her off and dematerialised the TARDIS.
"Lieutenant, explain, who is Missy?" asked Penelope.
"The most evil Time Lord there is, second only to me," said the Lieutenant.
"And you nearly killed her?" asked Penelope.
"I did," said the Lieutenant.
"Were you serious about us killing her?" asked Penelope.
"No, thought I'd say it for the laugh," said the Lieutenant, sarcastically. "Yes, of course I was serious, Penelope, we are going to track her down one day and we are going to kill Missy."
The TARDIS made an emergency landing in the Death Zone on Gallifrey.
"I swear, seriously, don't start this bloody annoyance again."
There was a loud banging outside like asteroids plummeting from the sky.
"No, sorry, don't talk, my head is sore enough as it is," said the Lieutenant.
The Lieutenant
Thomas Stevens
Penelope Pratt
Gemma Arterton
The Master
Michelle Gomez
With Special Thanks to the BBC, FanFiction and YouTube.
Director and Writer
Liam Hickey
Maureen Farr
Fflat 2017.

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Lieutenant Adventures Series 11
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