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 Lucy Saxon

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Lucy Saxon
Lucy Saxon

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PostSubject: Lucy Saxon   Lucy Saxon I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 02, 2016 2:04 am

Lucy Saxon Last%20Of%20The% ~c200

Name: Lucy Saxon

Species: Human

Home World Earth

Age: Around 30, thank you.

Sex: Female

Personality: Lucy's quite simply done with an immense number of grievances. She's finished with the hopelessness of humanity after witnessing their final demise at The End of Time. Lucy's fed up with overly intelligent men with entirely too much power at their idle fingertips (And yes, that includes The Doctor) But most importantly, she sick of attempting to hang on the final strands of her degrading sanity.

It's a rather good thing the latter is no longer an issue.

Lucy's sarcastic, cynical and rather insightful in humour- She's tired of being seen as the once lovesick henchman forgotten in the larger picture. And she's got the baddass sass and newfound swagger to prove it.

Likes: Power- Being placed in any form of power, or holding any sort of influential standing that summons respect and envy. It's this that The Master tapped into when he tricked her into believing she was his partner, rather than an expensansable means to an end.

Dislikes: Revealing clothing, gummy bears, spending far too much time on ones hair.. But one thing's for certain..

She can't stand The Master

Job: Retired villainness of galactic evil and general mayhem.

Family: One very influential, unnamed father. As well as one unmentioned mother- Though from Lucy's lack of mention to her and the manner in which she refers to her father, it's my assumption that she's long dead.

Additionally, we can assume that from Lucy's mentions of her father, he has no other children.

Dream: To feel something. After The Master tormented her for a year, Lucy developed obvious sociopathic tendancies. She still knows right from wrong from a strict upbringing- However, she fails to feel remorse for committing the wrong thing, or pride for the right thing. It all feels entirely terrifying.

Or it would- if she could feel anything.

History: Lucy Cole was born into a rather influential, well set family- with far too high expectations.

So, she of course, went through a bit of a rebel phase- Which ended with a Lamborghini upside down in a ditch after taking a sharp turn at no less than seventy five miles per hour (As per her newest boyfriend's insistance).

The ensuing emergency surgeries rendered Lucy entirely sterile, a fact that her father would never let her forget was entirely her fault.

At this point, Lucy began to deteriorate in personality- She became less interested in school and failed to apply herself thoroughly. Taking instead to following her father's advice in locating a successful, ambitious man who could take care of her- Despite her.. Condition.

She found one.

It's hard to say what drew her to The Master- It's likely the fact he wouldn't have known, or cared about the condition. Or he promised he could fix it. Or the fact that he had money, power and charm.

But we know precisely what drew HIM to HER. He knew she was weak- And preyed on her insecurities.

As we know, Lucy was a willing participant in the initial takeover of the Earth, as well as the assassination of quite the number of important political figures (Whoops!) And even danced along to the incredibly fitting song that played when The Master took over. It's fair to say she was 'in on it'.

After a year of beatings, abuse and being objectified, however, her devotion quickly waned.

And she shot him in the heart (one of them) the first chance she got.

She was immediately incarcerated by The Master's cult followers, and was locked in a dark cell for an entire year before they perfected a revival spell and matching potion. Her rough two years (technically one year, fused into one) had left her hardened, and she'd managed to speak with her previously mentioned influential father- And developed an anti-serum.

Lucy promptly blew the entire place sky high- And admittedly felt a tinge of pride, of joy, when she could hear panic in the man's voice!

Now, we know Lucy was incinerated in the blast.

But what if she lived?

What if she managed to survive the blast, escape and hide away from anyone who ever so much as knew the name Saxon?

What if she had had a chance?

Other: I would like to develop a pet for Lucy- what template would I use for that? As of right now, however, I'm only applying to play Lucy Saxon. If accepted, I'll worry about the pet THEN.

Also, I have a note for whoever plays The Master in the future- If accepted, I am by no means assuming any sort of relationship between the two characters. It's unfair to you, it's unfair to the new character of Lucy, and I'm pretty sure The Master would kick up 'le grande hissy fit'. This Lucy is set several years after her 'death'. She's not a subserviant housewife, and I truly doubt she'll ever return to that catatonic state. So don't worry- I'm not joining to play some poor person's 'SURPRISE!' wife. I just love the character development!

Roleplay Example

"Lucy Saxon is still alive?!" A very important woman bellowed in a very loud voice as she stood before a filled conference hall in a very, very nice suit.

A rather impressive amount of mumbled 'well, you see-' and 'uhhhh..' filled the room instantly as the various members of the room fidgetted and twitched nervously.

"You mean to tell me that The Master's wife is still just wandering around? I want that woman! At the very least she knows where her husband is- At the most, we could have leverage over a Time Lord!" The woman demanded greedily, completely unaware of how incredibly foolish she sounded out loud. "Get me trackers! Get me satellite tracers-"

"Actually, ma'am?" A shy looking man perked up, holding up a nervous hand.

"WHAT?" The woman snarled furiously.

"She lives on 6114 Willow Way Road in London." He informed bluntly.

"Get me an army."



Music poured at a painful, booming volume that shook the floor and spiked through the air with needled fingers and shrilled notes.


Lucy clicked the hammer back in her left pistol with slow deliberation before doing the same with her right.


The entire two story house went to chaos the instant the armed men broke the perimeter- setting off at least two dozen traps including nets, holes in the ground, spray paint, a surprising amount of glitter and one maniacally laughing Harley Quinn statue.


Lucy calmly took careful aim of the closed doorway before her.


The two men that managed to evade the traps barged into the windowless room, and stopped, staring stupidly down either barrels of the pistols for a long moment in a single, stunned, moment.


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PostSubject: Re: Lucy Saxon   Lucy Saxon I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 05, 2016 5:33 pm

Excellent! Well done!

Lieuty Wink
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Lucy Saxon
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