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PostSubject: Theta Sigma app   Theta Sigma app I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2015 11:38 am

Character Name: Theta Lungbarrow Sigma

Theta Sigma app 64-90

Species: Timelord/Gallifreyan
Age: It varies, though most recently I've played him as 112
Gender: male
Height: varies with age, roughly 5'11 or so at 112
Figure: not fat nor overly skinny; average. average muscle, too, though a little bit more in the legs and a little bit less in the arms
Eyes: sky blue
Hair: brown, short and swept to the side
Personality: Being only 112, Theta is very young for a Timelord, and this often shows. He can be very naive or childish. Being older than many species, though, as well as being a Timelord, gives him a big head. Despite these, Theta can be serious in certain situations, especially high-stress ones. He also attempts to be a bit more serious around the Doctor, as he wants to gain acceptance from his counterpart, and feels like he won't get it if he is acting his age.
Job: travelling time and space (not really a job, per say, but whatever)
Family: mother, father, and brother, though all are in another universe at the moment
Home world: Gallifrey
Likes/Dislikes: likes pears, travelling, and bowties. dislikes bannanas, staying in one place, and having age misjudged.
Strengths/weaknesses: fast runner, makes friends easily, knowledgeable on time and space (compared to non-timelord species), quick thinking/clever, easily upset, doesn't understand many social cues, slightly naive, charges into things without thinking
Dream: to travel the universe and discover as much as he can, also find friends that won't go insane/die cause he loves social interaction
History: It started in another Universe, on a planet named Gallifrey. Theta was a top student, committed to his studies at the Prydonian Academy. He excelled in subjects such as Temporal Physics and Void Science, leading him to want to have a major in the subjects of Temporal and Theoretical Science, which concerned itself with studying subjects that not even the Timelords understood fully. In fact, Theta was so far ahead in his studies that he was able to get an apprentice degree at the young age of twenty five, which allowed him to continue his studies not only on Gallifrey, but throughout the universe as well. He was entrusted with a Type 57 TARDIS, with which he began to travel the Universe, always coming back to Gallifrey to take a few classes here and there, in hopes of becoming a full Timelord.

It was two years later when a group of Gallifreyan scientists completed a prototype for a dimension-hopping device for TARDISes. They needed someone to test the device before it could be a common system in TARDISes, and Theta was more than happy to be the test pilot. The test run required Theta to go through a black hole with the device on.

The attempt succeeded in transporting Theta and his TARDIS to another Universe, but the jump cost them. The sheer power of the black hole left the TARDIS depleted of energy, and they soon crash landed on a nearby planet; Earth. By the time the TARDIS was repaired, the black hole to their original universe had closed for good. Not that it made any difference; the multiverse hopping device had exploded upon arrival into the new universe. Theta had no idea how to repair the device. There was no way back.

Over time, they learned to adapt to this new environment. It was very much like their own Universe, but with it's own surprises. The Timelords were dead here, there existed a murderous race named the Daleks (the ones that had killed the Timelords in the first place), and Theta was the alternate version of a renegade Timelord named the Doctor.

Other: Theta had an old companion, Robin, who died. It's an extremely sore subject.

Roleplay Example: A man walked slowly down a sidewalk of Irvine, California, a somber expression on his face and hands shoved deep into the pockets of his brown colored windbreaker. A piece of wettened plastic and a small twist tie were crumpled up in his right fist, the two items having been used to hold a bouquet of flowers of some sort; several blocks down, a set of bright red flowers rested on a grave marked 'Robin Basset: loving wife and sister'.

Theta would do this often, go to a random town, leave flowers on any grave he saw that was marked with the name Robin. Robin, his Robin not all the other ones, had never gotten a grave. He felt that he ought to be the one to keep her memory alive somehow. Nobody else would ever be able to, not even those who had killed her... the killers were gone now.

The young adult removed the plastic from his pocket and let it fall to the ground, letting himself walk away from it, though he kept the twist tie, knowing he'd use it for something or other. His eyes shifted from the sidewalk to the greying sky. It had started to rain, little drops of water hitting the rooftop and trees and cars and making everything shiny with water. Other people still out were opening their umbrellas now, but Theta made no move to get out of the storm. He'd always liked rain; the smell, the feeling, and to be honest, Theta loved the little splashes he made as he walked through puddles. Sometimes, when people weren't looking, he'd even take a running start then jump into one, like a little kid experiencing their first rainstorm. There wasn't enough rain for puddles to form yet, but soon there would be, and even though he remained blank faced on the outside he was smiling widely on the the inside.
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PostSubject: Re: Theta Sigma app   Theta Sigma app I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2015 9:11 pm

Theta Sigma app Picsar11

Very nice job!

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