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The Seeker
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PostSubject: The Seeker   The Seeker I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2014 12:47 am

Character Name: The Seeker

Species: Dominus temporis(Time Lord)
Age: 113 (Still pretty much a teenager)
Gender: At the moment Male.
Height: 6'1'' feet
Figure: Athletic. Broad shoulders, with a slightly thinner waist, overall toned
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red; Short spiky hair with a tied up tail.
Personality: The Seeker, first and foremost, is filled with wanderlust. He loves to travel, to see new sights, and to be on the move. He is also a hedonist, likes pleasurable things,and seeks them out. He enjoys being a risk taker, pushing his boundaries, seeing just how far he can go.
 He has a very open-mind, and is willing to try everything at least twice. He generally doesn't judge much, unless you are an authority figure or someone who denies science. If you are the former, you are judged as controlling, forceful, and controlling. If you are the latter, you are judged to be idiotic, and should be pitied.
 He generally is really trusting of people he meets, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He likes the art, and enjoys delving into it, especially with music.
 He is very erratic, hyper, and usually can't sit down. he is rather loud, both speaking wise and personality wise, and is very opinionated. He has a hard time accepting orders or listening to words of caution. He has gotten into the habit of writing everything that happens down, and has Cyrus videotape.
Job: He travels really, so, no job.
Family: TARDIS (been on it since he was born, and sees as a paternal figure weirdly enough); Cyrus (Little flying AI, naggy, tends to look out for The Seeker), Byrolio(Adoptive Father, presumed dead by The Seeker), Arcadiala(Adoptive Mother, presumed dead by The Seeker)
Home world: Doesn't consider anywhere his home world.
Likes: Traveling, Books, Socializing, Science
Dislikes: Religion, Restrictions, long periods of isolation, authority figures
Strength: Charismatic, very physically fit, good mechanic, Brilliant Musician
Weakness: Very overly-trustworthy, impulsive, has problems taking orders, has problems listening to others caution.
Dream: He lives for the experience. He loves to travel, and loves to experience each and every new thing to pass him by. He revels in the present, which, of course, for him,is anywhere and anytime. His dream, really, is to see and experience as much as he can with the life he has.
History: The Seeker was born on a TARDIS. Well, born is a strong word. More like there was a couple traveling in the TARDIS, and, hitting a bump in the time vortex which sent the TARDIS out of whack, somehow The Seeker appeared on the ship as a crying, naked, kicking baby.
 The couple took him in, as they had actually been trying to have a child for a while, naming him Novazaraddelyinio, or Nova. They took him back to Gallifrey, and stayed there for a bit, enrolling him into the Academy. It was then that the Time War began. He was at that point 18, and his parents sent him off into the TARDIS. They didn't go since they were fighting in the Time War.
 So, now Nova was somewhere in time and space, floating around, worried and confused. The TARDIS, however, had always taken a great liking to him, and soothed him enough for him to try out the controls and try his knack at flying. He found himself travelling for a bit, seeing different planets, meeting new people, before trying to get his TARDIS to send him back to Gallifrey, which it, for reasons unknown to him, he couldn't.
 After a while, he gave up trying for the moment, and did some more traveling. At one point, during this time, on some highly technological planet, he picked up Cyrus from a flee market. Apparently an older model. battered and broken. Bought on whim, he fixed Cyrus back up On the TARDIS, delighted to find it was a miniature AI. Cyrus was rather pleased with being brought back from the darkness, and kept by Nova, giving him cautions, advice, and companionship.
 At about 50, he began to question if he would ever see Gallifrey or his adopted parents again. It was at this point, however, that the truth was revealed to him, how the planet of Gallifrey didn't exist anymore, and the place time locked. Devastated, he went off morosely for twenty years in some distant part of the Universe.
 At about 70, he started traveling again, under his new title,The Seeker. Cause that is what he did, seek. Seek for new experiences, new meanings, new people, new times and space. He was also always seeking for the Truth, whatever it may be at any given time. He has gotten to the habit of writing written records in his notebook, to keep track of his life, and has Cyrus generally record instances of his adventures.

Other: He will often go under the guise of "James Odaire". To other timelords, he is still very young. He isn't aware of other timelords as of yet.

Roleplay Example: The Seeker peaked out of his TARDIS, looking around the hot, warm jungle before walking out. Turning around, he noticed the TARDIS had become a large tree. Suddenly the buzzing voice of Cyrus permeated the air. "Seeker, please, come back into the TARDIS. You are not attired appropriately for an expedition on this planet, nor properly hydrated. Also, will you not even check where we are. For all we know, we could  b-" The Seeker quickly hushes Cyrus, trying hard not to smile. "Cyrus please," he says in a loud, higher toned voice,"your definition of properly dressed involved a full body armoured suit, I am very well hydrated, and I don't want to look. Live a little!'' He finished, rolling his eyes as he continued to move, Cyrus floating along besides him.

 He slowly crawled through the underbrush, looking at everything with awe. He got a fallen leaf and put it in his journal. He reached a lake, and looked upon it in wonder, with the sun glancing off of it, sending off a cascade of colours. ''Oi, Cyrus, pic.'' He said under his breathe, as Cyrus made a click noise, showing the picture was taken. 'Brilliant!'' he thought, moving closer and resting at the edge of the lake, staring up at the darkening sky as the stars came out. And the moons, two of them exactly. He smiled, before closing his eyes, knowing full well Cyrus would wake him if trouble occurred.

 It just occurred to him, though, that he hadn't heard any nagging from Cyrus about him sleeping out here. He opened his eyes and looked around, not finding his companion. ''Cyrus?" He called ou, worriedly. "No answer, great...better look for Cyrus in a dark, sinister looking jungle at night...seems like every other story of mine...'' he thought, smirking, as he hopped up, and headed back into the brush to look for Cyrus.
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PostSubject: Re: The Seeker   The Seeker I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2014 12:56 am

Very well done!
The Seeker Picsar10

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