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 Amy Pond (second character)

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PostSubject: Amy Pond (second character)   Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:32 pm

Character Name: Amy Pond
Gender: Female
Occupation:Kissogram, model, writer, journalist


Hair: Carrot Orange
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10"
Figure: Slim, curvy
Other: NA
Clothing: Usually wears skirts, and tights. Sometimes wears jeans.

Family: Tabetha Pond is her mother, and Augustus Pond is her father.
Children: River Song/Melody Pond
Spouse: Rory Williams
Strengths: Adventurous, not easily frightened, bold.
Weaknesses: speaks her mind maybe too much, a bit too bold at times, rushes into things sometimes
Likes: Adventure, travel, skirts
Dislikes: cracks in her wall, bow ties, staying in one place for too long
Dream: Amy's dream is to go with the Doctor and travel the universe, but also have a great life with her husband, Rory. The two dreams come to a head at multiple points.
History: (beware, this is going to be long)
Amy was born as Amelia Pond, in Scotland (1989)
When she was small, her parents were swallowed by the crack in her wall, so she was raised by her Aunt Sharon in her house in Leadworth.
One night when she was praying to Santa about the crack in her wall, the Doctor's blue police box crashed into her garden. She wasn't frightened by the strange man in her house, oh no. She was more frightened by the crack in her wall, which she said she heard voices from. The Doctor left her for "five minutes", and returned one morning. Amy was in her hose, posing as a police woman, but really she worked as a kissogram. The time when the Doctor returned ended up being "twelve years and four psychiatrists" later.
In her adolescence, she used to play with dolls she'd made that looked like the Doctor and the TARDIS. Playing this with Mel's and Rory was one of her favorite things to do.  

After the Doctor fixed the problem with prisoner zero, he left for a test run with the fixed TARDIS. What he didn't know is that he was gone for two years! He asked Amy to come with him, without knowing that she was getting married to Rory in the morning. She asked him if she could be back for the morning, and he said yes. So here was the moment Amy started her travels with the Doctor.

Soon, one adventure goes a little too far. Another one of these cracks in time basically erases Rory from existence. He was never born, to be exact. Memories were erased. Bad stuff. But for some reason, the Doctor remembered all of what happened.

In the Pandorica episode, time got royally screwed. Amy still didn't quite know who Rory was. Right when she remembered who he was, (centurion version) his 'living plastic' mind took over, and he shot her. All was not lost, though. The Doctor was locked in the Pandorica, Ay was dead, time was dying, but all was not lost. A future version of the Doctor turned up and gave Rory his sonic screwdriver with instructions to open the Pandorica. When he did, the regular Doctor made sure Amy would be fine by placing her in the. Pandorica. The Doctor had a vortex manipulator, and he told Rory to come with him, but Rory wanted to stay with Amy for two thousand years. The reason why it had to be two thousand years was because the only way to get Amy out was for the Pandorica to come in contact with some of her living DNA. This was resolved about two thousand years later, when little seven year old Amelia Pond touched the Pandorica and got Amy out. Then the Doctor ended up saving time by throwing himself in the Pandorica at the exploding TARDIS, which could hypothetically 'reboot' the universe. And it worked. The only setback was that the Doctor would be stuck on the ore side of the closing crack in time. This means that he would be erased from time and memory.

When Amy woke up, she realized it was the morning of her wedding to Rory. Her mother came bustling in the room, telling her to wake up, and her father was downstairs. She kept thinking she was forgetting something really important, but couldn't think of what iT was for the life of her. At her wedding ceremony, a wedding gift of a blue diary, a woman with bouncy curls, a man with suspenders, and a man with a bow tie all sparked her memory of the Doctor. She yelled in the middle of the ceremony that she remembered the doctor. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. That's what did it, that's what got the Doctor back.

After the whole reception was over, the doctor tried to sneak away. But Amy and Rory followed, and the three ended up going on a few more adventures together. That is, until the doctor brought them back home.

Rory and Amy lived a normal life until the appearance of a blue envelope. What then occurred was the Doctors death, and then suddenly he didn't die. His younger self was 'invited' as well, and together they 'saved' his life. But in doing this, time slowly was dissolving. The only thing that would fix it and save everyone's life was for River Song to touch him. At the end of the episode, the Doctor marries River, and time goes back to Lake Selencio in Utah. The Doctor gets shot again, he dies again, and River, Rory, and Amy burn his body again. But what Rory and Amy don't know is that the doctor isn't really dead. He had whispered something into River's ear before they touched: "look into my eye". In fact, he was inside himself, the Doctor 'dressed up for the occasion'. Rory and Amy are devasted when they realize the doctor is dead, but River soon tells Amy that he isn't. But the doctor's already gone. He came back for Christmas dinner in 2013, and that's how season six ends.

When the seventh season picks up, Rory and Amy are about to get a divorce. Ay wants to leave Rory because she knows he wants kids. But since the episode on demons run, she cannot have children. The doctor picks the two up, and they reconcile. After a couple adventures, the Doctor leaves them so they can return to normal lives. But really, this normal life is just a life waiting until the Doctor turns up again. Amy becomes a journalist while she leads her normal life.
Then she realizes, she and Rory have to choose between a life with the Doctor, or a normal one. Encouraged by Brian, Rory's dad, they decide to go with the Doctor. But unknowingly, this would be their last adventure with the Doctor.
Angels had overrun Manhattan when Rory, Amy, River, and the Doctor journeyed to New York. They ended up being 'chased' to Winter's Quay, an old building. With angels everywhere, they ended up being cornered in a room with an old man already inside of it. He looked so happy to see Amy, and everyone realized this was Rory in his old age. Unfortunately, Rory soon dies, and now everyone is again cornered by an angel. Amy and Rory run up to the roof, and attempt suicide to create a paradox. Rory thinks that if he jumps off a building and dies, he can't have died in that room. But Amy won't have any of it. She says  that they do it together or not at all. As they get ready to jump off the side of the building, the doctor suddenly comes up to the roof! He pleads with them, but it's no use. Now the Statue of Liberty comes towards them, and then they jump.

The paradox works! All of the angels disappear, besides one that no one knows about. As Rory, Amy, River, and the Doctor are getting ready to go back into the TARDIS, Rory gets zapped back in time by the remaining Angel. Amy looks at the angel, and realizes what she has to do. This is the moment when she finally has to choose between Rory or the Doctor. And unfortunately for the doctor, she chooses Rory. With a last goodbye to her Raggedy Man, she looks away from the Angel and is also displaced in time along with her husband. The grave that suddenly appeared when Rory disappeared now bears Amy's name with his, died age 87.

(I was so not doing this over again so I took it from my app from the other site. If you make your character this lengthy, A+ to you.)

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Amy Pond (second character)
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