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 Adam Forrestar

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Adam Forrestar
Adam Forrestar

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PostSubject: Adam Forrestar   Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:52 pm

Character Name: Adam Forrestar
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Clothing: Adam could usually be found wearing magellan fishing shirts, the closest thing to what paleontologists wore he could find, and khakis in warmer weather (Sometimes with a leather jacket). In cooler weather, he wore close to the same, though with a few flannels tossed into the mix, with a black and grey patterned frock coat.

 Generally quiet, Adam was usually a happy kid, not childish, but happy enough with his current state. People gravitated toward him at times, though he wasn't always happy about it. He'd never been very social, especially around girls, which earned him some teasing from his friends, but he never really cared. Knowledge was what mattered most to him, not relationships. He was just ready to get out into the world and explore somewhere other than here.

Likes: Dinosaurs, Adventure, History (Mainly Prehistory), Astrophysics, Drawing, Writing, Trumpet,
Dislikes: Embarrassment, extremely social situations,
Job: Student
Family: Mother, Father, Younger Sister (12)
Strengths: Very Intelligent, Fast and Agile
Weaknesses: Not extremely social, heavily self-doubting, not very strong, not great around girls
Dream: To Explore the World (A Dream he may get sooner that he thinks)
  Adam Forrestar was born in Dallas, Texas in the year 2000 AD (Earth Years). His family had moved all over the US when he was young, a result of his parents' jobs. Later in life, when Adam was 13, his parents decided to return to their Texas roots, and moved to the small town of Forest Creek.
  He'd fit in nicely in his class as the resident dinosaur nerd. He'd always been fascinated with the past. No matter where he lived, he would always find some sort of fossil, whether it was shells, bones, or teeth. He'd been good at it since he was four. And, no one had ever really made fun of him for it. He'd never had the most friends of anyone, he was slightly too nerdy for that, but he had a few close ones. That was enough. As of the year 2015, he was in his second year of high school. So far, he'd been able to get ahead of the other few smart kids who all jostled for valedictorian status, but he wasn't about to relax.
  He began to get used to the small world of living in such a little backwater town, exploring the woods, hunting for Mosasaur teeth, and blazing new trails (Pretending in his mind to be hacking through some prehistoric forest). Little did he know, his small world was about to get much larger.

Roleplay Example:

  Adam sprinted as fast as he could through the forest, jumping over logs and ducking under branches. He could still hear the thing smashing its way through the brush somewhere behind him. If he could just outrun it...
  He nearly fell forward into the creek that'd approached so quickly as he'd been thinking of ways to escape his aggressor. Clay from its banks fell into the churning waters below. He could see the silhouette of the creature trying to chase him down getting closer through the fog. He'd seen this creek so many times before, but he'd never made it across in one jump. He'd always had to use a log or climb using roots on its near vertical sides. Now, he'd have to try.
  He took a running start and leaped across the creek. To his partial surprise, he'd made it. But, there was no time to celebrate. He could hear the cracking of branches and the thudding of heavy footsteps behind him.
  He kept running headlong into a small clearing with a massive pine tree in its center. A good place to lose the massive predator?
  Adam decided that it was the best place he'd find. He threw himself behind the tree and waited. Less than a minute later, though it felt like ages, he heard footsteps that were more like bass drums than simply footsteps. He could feel the shock waves they produced through the ground below. This thing was huge. The predator stalked into the clearing, following Adam's path. Moving surprisingly gracefully for such a large animal, it made its way toward the center tree. Adam was sure his heart was about to burst from the stress. He knew what was coming. And sure enough, a huge scaled head slunk around the trunk of the tree, its movements astonishingly bird-like. Its teeth gleamed white in a flash of lightning from the storm that was swiftly moving in now. A huge, accusing amber eye stared into Anthony, as if curious.
  Adam had made a huge mistake.
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The Lieutenant
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Hard Worker
The Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Re: Adam Forrestar   Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:49 pm

Accepted! Excellent!

Lieuty Wink
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Adam Forrestar
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