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 An Eye for an Eye 2-Part Special 2015

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The Lieutenant
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Hard Worker
The Lieutenant

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PostSubject: An Eye for an Eye 2-Part Special 2015   Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:20 am

An Eye for an Eye Two-part Special 30 October 2015. Plea Part 1.
"Doctor Harold Parkes of Alton City, 5th Upper Street, former head Detective Inspector of Alton City Police Department, you were responsible for this crime at the time it happened, yes?" asked a lawyer.
"You were supposed to be protecting this city and yet someone slipped right through your fingers, yes?" asked a lawyer.
"And you failed," she said.
"What do you plea?" she asked.
"Not guilty," he said.
"But you were the head, you kept the city quiet for so long, how could this happen?"
"It wasn't my client's fault, he didn't ask the criminal to plant the bombs in the park and no-one was hurt, he can't be guilty," said Dr. Harry's lawyer.
Dr. Harry mouthed his thanks.
"Mr. Parkes will have no communication with his lawyer," said the judge. "It clearly states in the job description that if the Detective Inspector may breach, his job is forfeit and he is presented before the state on trial."
"Can't we change that?" asked Dr. Harry.
"Silence, Mr. Parkes," said the judge. "Only the head Detective Inspector can change the job description. This rule was set down by Albert Clearhill and the Lieutenant at the beginning Qaweritoyu, Clearhill and Azertyuiop. Now we turn to the Jury. You will have a moment to decide."
The Jury chattered for a moment. Then a representative stood up. "Guilty," he said.
"Settled. Dr. Harry Parkes will stay in a waiting cell overnight. In the morning he will be brought to prison. He will serve a minimum of 30 years in prison, then he may ask to be let free. Only reason he is freed before is to be in the even of ill health resulting in death. Take him away," said the judge.
Dr. Harry was cuffed and taken away.

Dr. Suzanne fumbled about at her desk. There was now no head Detective Inspector. The Commissioner had been in everyday. He was also a judge and was on the way back from Dr. Harry's trial. The team had also been sacked as part of changes, there now remained Dr. Suzanne and a rookie called Peter and the Commissioner.
"These fibres were found at the crime scene," said Peter/
Dr. Suzanne examined them.
"Where would Dr. Harry have started?" asked Peter.
"I don't know. All the equipment we had was his, it belonged to him. We don't have it now. If anyone can solve this, it's him."
"We need him back, don't we?" asked Peter.
"We do," said Dr. Suzanne.
Just then, the Commissioner returned.
"Well?" asked Dr.Suzanne.
"Well," said the Commissioner.
"That means not well for Harry," said Dr. Suzanne.
"Suzanne, people get sacked all the time, you don't make a fuss about them," said the Commissioner, "seriously, if you get him out, I'll resign," he said.
"We've found fibres," said Peter.
"See? Fibres. Now, what would Harry have done?" asked the Commissioner.
"He would have analysed them with one of his machines," said Dr. Suzanne.
"So, do that," said the Commissioner.
"We can't," said Dr. Suzanne, "the machines here were all his own and we don't have him anymore so we can't do that."
"So get around it then," said the Commissioner.
"How?" asked Dr. Suzanne. "House-to-house searches is too ridiculous."
"If that's what it takes," said the Commissioner.
"Ha, yeah, knock knock, hi, can we look at every inch of fibre in this house to try to match this?" asked Peter sarcastically. "Be realistic, for God's sake."

Dr. Suzanne walked back down the drive of their hundredth house.
"There must be an easier way around this," said Peter.
"There is and the prat back at the station locked it up," Dr. Suzanne.
"We can't keep going like this, can we?" asked Peter.
"We can but if we do, Cerb will pass us out," said Dr. Suzanne.
"Who's Cerb?" asked Peter.
"Alton City's secret service. Oh, Peter, what will we do?" asked Dr. Suzanne.
"Go on strike?" asked Peter.
"We need a trade union's help," said Dr. Suzanne.
"Dr. Suzanne, we are the Law. If we don't strike, this crime doesn't get solved," said Peter.
"Oh, Peter, if we get Dr. Harry back, he is keeping you!" said Dr. Suzanne.

Next day, the Commissioner pulled into his parking space. There were no lights on in the station. He thought it was odd. Maybe there was a power failure. He continued to the door. It was locked. His staff weren't here. He knew what this meant. He got back into his car and drove off. He drove to the jail. He told the Police he lied about Dr. Harry and he resigned. This had to be investigated so the Police took it into their hands.

"He told them he lied," said a person.
"I know. That was a lie itself," said her superior. "What of Dr. Harry?" they asked.


Written by
Liam Hickey
L + J 2015.

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The Lieutenant
Hard Worker
Hard Worker
The Lieutenant

Posts : 301
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Age : 19
Location : In his TARDIS.

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First Character: The Lieutenant
Second Character: Penelope Pratt
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PostSubject: Re: An Eye for an Eye 2-Part Special 2015   Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:44 am

An Eye for an Eye Two-part Special 31 October 2015. Plea Part 2.
"What made you come back?" asked an examiner.
"The fact that I lied," said Larry.
"Well, you see, when the lawyer asked him if he was responsible etc., he said yes," said the examiner.
"Ah but did he plea guilty though?" asked Larry.
"No," said the examiner.
"There you go. God knows I've hated that man but I was very harsh," said Larry.
"Well, you'll just have to go on trial for lying to the Police," said the examiner. He stood up and left the ex-Commissioner bu himself, alone.

Dr. Harry walked out through the gates and found his way back to the station. A serious matter had occurred and no-one had done anything about it. No time to go home. When he got there, he found it locked. "What do I do now?" he asked himself.

There was a knock at Dr. Suzanne's door. When she answered it,she just found a letter on the mat. She picked it up, brought it in and read it.
It read; "Dr. Harry is released. Go to the station. - Cerb".
Dr. Suzanne called Peter, told him she would pick him up and when she did, they went to the station.

Dr. Harry looked around. Could he slip in through a window? He heard the rumble of a car as it pulled up behind him. There was Dr. Suzanne and a kid he had never seen before in his life.
When Dr. Suzanne got out, she went to Dr. Harry and hugged him briefly. "Harry, this is Peter, he's new," she said.
Dr. Harry and Peter shook hands.
While they shook hands, Dr. Suzanne unlocked the station.
All three went into the station.
Dr. Harry went to his desk and sat down.
"Right," said Dr. Suzanne. "You are Detective Inspector again."
"Where's the lying idiot gone?" asked Dr. Harry.
"Oh, Larry? Resigned," said Dr. Suzanne.
"Oh, did he now?" asked Dr. Harry. "And what of my team? Where are they?" he asked.
"They were sacked. Given a day to leave and when they did, they disappeared. No trace of them," said Dr. Suzanne.
"So, what of our disaster?" asked Dr. Harry.
"We need machinery to analyse the fibres," said Dr. Suzanne.
"I'll have my machinery tomorrow," said Dr. Harry.
"Tomorrow's not good enough," said Dr. Suzanne. "We have Police rivals. A new lot called Cerb. They'll have this case done by tomorrow," she said.
"Fine," said Dr. Harry.
"I'm sorry?" asked Dr. Suzanne.
"I said fine. Mail off the case to them, let them take care of it, enclose any evidence you may have found. There is also the question of a Commissioner. Larry has resigned, strict law says we can't work on cases until we have a Commissioner," he said.
"Cerb won't stop to think about a Commissioner for themselves," said Dr. Suzanne.
"Well, Cerb obviously catch criminals by breaking the Law. Our station will not catch criminals by breaking the Law in the slightest," said Dr. Harry.
Dr. Suzanne smiled. The time had come. "You could be the Commissioner," she said.
"Me? Can't Peter do it?" asked Dr. Harry.
"Harry, Peter's only been here about a month. He has as much experience here and a windowsill has of flying a Boeing 777-800 aircraft," said Dr. Suzanne.
"Does the Commissioner have power to open his own cases?" asked Dr. Harry.
"Yes," said Dr. Suzanne.
"Then I accept," said Dr. Harry. "First I will open a case. I intend to work very hard on this case," said Dr. Harry.
Dr. Suzanne went to her desk and typed. "What is it to be called?" she asked.
"Cerb," said Dr. Harry. "I intend to find out who they are."

Written by
Liam Hickey
L + J 2015.

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An Eye for an Eye 2-Part Special 2015
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