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 Message in a Bottle (Poet)

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PostSubject: Message in a Bottle (Poet)   Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:52 pm

Jenny had gone many places since leaving Messaline, she had acquired two quad blasters, which, while sounding violent, had actually enabled the time lady to solve problems in much more peaceful ways, as she had learned from her dad. It had seemed like ages since her dad had left Messaline, not knowing that she had revived moments after.

This brought her to the planet she was on now, Cashel. It was inhabited by humans, and there she found a way to contact her father. She had found a man in a Cantina, who began explaining how messages used to be placed in bottles, and thrown into the sea. This gave Jenny an idea.

The blonde pulled out whatever writing utensil she had, and began scribbling out a letter to her dad.

Hi Dad,

It's Jenny, your daughter from the progeneration machine on Messaline. I know you probably think I died after General Cobb shot me (it sure looked that way, I know), but I revived...somehow, still haven't figured that one out yet (you probably could?). Anyways, I stole a shuttlecraft right after I revived, and have been having tons of fun exploring, just like you and Donna told me about. I don't know how to find you, so I'm hoping this message in a bottle thing works out. Right now, I'm at a Cantina on a planet called Cashel, there are a bunch of humans here, so I think I'm safe, I'll be staying here for a bit, just in case you find this. I hope I can make you proud.



Jenny scrawled in big letters on the outside of the parchment "TO: THE DOCTOR" before rolling it up and shoving it into an empty beer bottle. The blonde then promptly hovered above the planets atmosphere in the shuttlecraft, and ejected the bottle into space before returning to the planet's surface, hoping her dad would find it in time.
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PostSubject: Re: Message in a Bottle (Poet)   Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:52 am

For once, the Poet didn't have to worry about any burning civilizations or rouge aliens. She had set her ship to 'drift', and drifted silently through the universe with the doors to her semi-TARDIS open, her legs dangling outside.

She was admiring the stars and just thinking about heading back inside Glass, but something gently floating towards the ship caught the Poet's attention. Was that a bottle? Humans are weird, she muttered, reaching for the object that was just close enough to grab.

There seemed to be a note in it, and Poet shut her TARDIS doors before she stood up and walked back to her console. "To the Doctor?" she whispered. Surely it wasn't HER Doctor? The weird one, the one who dwelled too much on the past... could it be the same person? The Poet realized then that humans had strange medical Doctors, so she decided it couldn't hurt to open it up.

The Poet read the note enclosed in the bottle, words running through her head as she read the note again and again. "Revived.... Donna.. daughter?" she muttered, confusion etched across her face. It had to be the same Doctor, his 11th regeneration often told her about his past fiery-haired companion. So the Doctor had a daughter, did he? The Poet thought she must have intercepted this weird message before he did- maybe this could be a fun adventure?

She placed the beer bottle (with the note returned inside) in a conveniently placed cup holder on the console, and set her coordinates to the planet Cashel. Who knew what this Jenny was really like?

As Poet landed, she thought that this must be the Cantina that Jenny talked about. There were a bunch of humans milling about, and Poet swerved around a bunch of people as she tried searching through the crowd for a person who looked like they could be the Doctor's daughter. She even tried asking some people if they knew a Jenny, but not many people answered her.

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Message in a Bottle (Poet)
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