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The Mistress

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PostSubject: The Mistress   The Mistress I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2015 8:38 pm

((Poet told me the application I have from another site should be fine. I'm not actually sure it's the right form though? Let me know if there's something I need to fix))

The Mistress Doctor-Who-Missy

The Mistress

Species: Time Lady
Age: 2000? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unemployed
Status: Queen of Evil

Hair: Dark brown, often in an up-do. 
Eyes: Brilliantly blue
Height: 5' 4"
Figure: Not particularly curvy, but definitely feminine. 
Other: Nope. Not in this body.
Clothing: She likes to dress with a bit of an... evil Mary Poppins image. Just without that horrid scarf.

Family: Most notably Sonya, her dear sister. And she supposes her parents... (completely bananas).

Personality: In this incarnation, the Mistress is particularly playful. One might go as far as to say she puts on a show. Her gestures tend to be grand, and sometimes it seems she operates on the logic of a child. All the same, she takes great pleasure in being wicked, and exploiting her power. She simply wants to have more fun with it. As a bit of a side note, Missy sees herself and the Doctor as equals, and has been shown to go to quite drastic measures in an attempt to convince him. 

Strengths: Missy, similarly to her previous incarnations, is a bit hypnotic - charming, in a way. She is clever in forming schemes to gain power, and would be much better at executing them if her playmate hadn't found her so sinister. She's also a bit "bananas" and lacks a moral code that would prohibit her from acting the way she does otherwise.

Weakness: The Doctor, for one, is a major weakness. Shown in her need to taunt him, and in her desire to befriend him. All in all, she'd probably have done a lot more conquering without that. But she can't blame him. She doesn't have very much self control, and she's rather impulsive. Although some would say those are the same thing. These tend to be really impactful weaknesses, as most of her plans are foiled by her own inability to stop herself from bragging.
Likes: Missy enjoys reactions. Just... seeing her theatrics affect someone. It's quite funny. She's also quite fond of flaunting her power, of feeling how much of an influence she can have on the world around her. Most of all... likes the Doctor. She must admit, it is a love-hate relationship - mostly hate, from his end - but she can't help but wish for the times they were on better terms.

Dislikes: Bothers. Annoyances. Things that have no value to anyone and are quite distracting - she doesn't like putting up with any of that. She's also not quite fond of the bond he has with his companions. More or less, she's jealous that he isn't willing to have this bond with her, anymore. 

Dream: Why, universal domination, of course. But... while she finds she cannot resist the temptation to torture the Doctor, she is rather intent on regaining his friendship.


The Master's parents where the original mad scientists. Well... Possibly not but the image was clear, wasn't it? His childhood was as average as any could be, until age 8. There was a girl he'd later recognize as his sister, Sonya, who he saw in rare intervals, moping around like a lump. He didn't quite understand who she was, or what she was doing there. 

At age 8, he began to hear the drums. He looked into the Time Vortex and there they were. Throughout his life, they would drive him insane. And in all honesty, that's all there is to say about the subject.

Many, many lives later he'd... well, run out. He was on his last life, and decaying, but he never did stop fighting to keep living. He would return to this rotting state several times before actually gaining more true regenerations.

In one attempt to steal the rest of the Doctor's, he was sucked into the Eye of Harmony, and presumed dead.

But, of course, he wasn't. What kind of story would this be if he was?

At a point after that, he was recruited by Gallifrey to fight in the Time War, and granted more regenerations for his help. They figured he'd make a fantastic warrior. He ran, though. He ran from the war and used a chameleon circuit to become human.

Professor Yana, while trying to help the last of humanity reach a place called Utopia, opened the watch. His associate, Chantho, shot him with a laser pistol, and he decided he'd regenerate and be new - just like the Doctor. Then, naturally, he stole his old friend's TARDIS and ran away. The controls had been essentially destroyed, however, so he went the only place he could end up.

For 18 months, he formed the character Harold Saxon and became the Prime Minister. After fetching the last of humanity from the end of the universe, he converted the TARDIS into a paradox machine. He called these "humans" the Toclafane - a name taken from old Gallifreyan bedtime stories. Claiming these aliens were going to make a friendly appearance, the Master televised the beginning of the Earth's destruction. 

The Doctor's companion, Martha, stopped him using his own Archangel Network. The Doctor planned to simply drag him along on his travels, but his wife, Lucy, shot him instead. He refused to regenerate, knowing that he'd have a way back - one where he wasn't the Doctor's companion.

The Master was brought back by his disciples - more or less. Lucy, who had anticipated this, attempted to stop his resurrection. The blast killed everyone involved - except the Master. He, now reincarnated with a bit of an energy problem, was "recruited" by the Joshua Naismith to assist in repairing a device to make his daughter immortal. 

He took advantage of the situation, fixing it a little too well and grafting himself across the entirety of the human race. Once becoming the entire population of a planet, he decided to attempt to trace the drums in his head. It wasn't long until he discovered a white-point star that had crashed onto the planet. And it wasn't long after that until the Time Lords were attempting to escape the time lock.

Naturally, the Doctor stopped this from going further. By breaking the connection, he sent the Master and the rest of the Time Lords back where they belonged, leaving him trapped in a bit of a bubble dimension.

Some time later, he had regenerated into a woman. This new incarnation now calls herself the Mistress - Missy, for short - as she found the name far more feminine. With the aid of Gallifreyan technology, she escaped to her home universe and sought out the Doctor. Moving around his timeline, examining his companions, Missy is on a course to bring him back to her. To remind him they're not different. To revive their friendship.

HOW DID YOU FIND US?: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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PostSubject: Re: The Mistress   The Mistress I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2015 10:16 pm

Accepted, brilliant work!

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