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 My Charrie Holly

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PostSubject: My Charrie Holly   Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:28 pm

Character Application

Character Name: Holly Wren Galaxy

Species: Homo sapiens
Home world: Earth
Age: 19
Sex/Gender: Female
Appearance: profile pic

Personality: Holly is a shy and caring girl. She hates seeing people sad or hurt and often feels like it is her job to make them happy again. She can get a bit over excited at times and has trouble controling all her emotions. She is creative and sometimes spontaneous as well and a few consider her a nerd.
Likes/Dislikes: Her likes are; art, animals, video games and adventures. Her dislikes are; cybermen, snakes, the dark, and dentists.
Job: she helps out at an animal shelter and does community service every Wednesday.
Family: she is an orphan due to loosing her parents to cybermen
Strengths/weaknesses: Her strengths are; computers, math and science. Her weaknesses are; ela, dark areas, people she cares about,cand riddles.
Dream: She hopes one day to find the girl she fell in love with and have at least one day to say what she wished she had said the first time they were together, and she also wishes to see her parents although she knows its not possible
History: when holly was little she was very family oriented, she never found it appropriate when all the other kids in school would talk loudly and run around, she knew it wasnt her, so she sat in a quiet corner and would draw after she finished all her work. Computer class was her favourite. When she was 7 years old she started making a few friends. Then the cybermen invaded. She got home from school and was waiting for her parents when she turned on the tv and saw the news. In the background were her parents being chased by a cyberman, they were cornered and her parents were "deleted". She started crying then heard banging on her front door so she ran out back. She was surprised to see a man exit from a blue box "wrong house" he stated, then a cybermen approached behind her and he quickly saved her then head back to his box after. "Who are you?" Holly said, teary eyed and confused. "Im The Doctor" he said as he jumped back in his box and disappeared right before her eyes. "Wait!... Doctor who." She sighed, wiping away her tears then went inside locking all doors and windows.
 A decade later when she was 17 years old she heard it again. She heard the TARDIS and she ran. One she made it she stopped right in front of the door "T-this is it". As the TARDIS door opened she froze to see the same man. She went on and on asking tons of questions about why his TARDIS was what it was called and how old he was, where he has been, what he has seen and she slowly started to become infactuated with what he did. She traveled with him and had fun every adventure. One day when they went back to the fifties and she met a girl, she had so much fun with her, they laughed and talked and holly even convinced the doctor to let her stay here to spend time with the girl she met, after a few days he came back for her, needing her help. She said bye to her new love and went off with the doctor. They went back a few times but never found her, one day the doctor dropped holly off at home and off he went, the last time she saw him he had this girl with him. Clara was her name, and the doctor had an older face, almost as if he forgot about her.

Other: She is very sensitive about the whole cybermen topic. She always carries a satchel around with her just in case.

Roleplay Example: It was dark outside and holly was walking around bored, she heard the sound of what seemed like a dof whining so she followed the sound over to it. She found a wolf with its paw stuck in barbed wire. She slowly approached it and it growed, she had dog treats in her satchel from the shelter earlier today so she tossed one to the wolf, surprisingly it took the treat so she gave it more slowly getting closer, soon she was right next to the wolf and began petting it. "There we go." She whispered as she carefully started removing the barbed wire. "Wow its on your paw tight huh buddy?" Determined to help, she continued and snagged herself a few times but got its paw free. She wrapped it up with a wrap she had on her and off the wolf went as holly giggled and yawned. "I gotta get home, its been a long day."
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PostSubject: Re: My Charrie Holly   Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:00 pm


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My Charrie Holly
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