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 The Explorer/Exo

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Ood Omega/Exo
Stuffed Panda Bear
Stuffed Panda Bear
Ood Omega/Exo

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PostSubject: The Explorer/Exo   Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:47 am

Character Name: The Explorer/Exo
Image:Profile pic

Species: Time Lord/Gallifreyan
Age: Varies/In the year 2015 she is in her 4th regeneration that would make her 672
Gender: Varies but mostly Female
Height: 1.65 cm
Figure: Slim
Eyes: Blue/Varies
Hair: IDK/Brown
Personality: Exo is well as the name suggests she loves to travel
and will do so as long as she can, She does not trust strangers at first but after time (a day or two) she will begin to trust them
Exo is always trying to explain what she cant, She is usally rude but not in a way which she means it
Exo as all Time lords is extremely smart knowing many things not everyone knows
(like travel loactions)

Job:The Explorer usally travels in time and space
Family:Her TARDIS, She had a brother she lost when trying to escape The Timewar
Home world: Galifrey
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Humans,Plants. Dislikes: People telling her what to do,Angry People
Strengths/weaknesses: Strengths:Extremely Smart,Observant. Weaknesses:Gets easly mad,Gets easly annoyed
Dream: The Explorer wants to make the world a better place for everyone and sometimes that can be hard
History: The Explorer was born on Galifrey..And then one day after years of living on Galifrey..The Time war began..The Explorer was 15 when the time war began
She and her brother went as quick as the could outside of the Captial (the big round thing) They ran for hours..Her brother began to get tired but then she realised his leg was hurt
She sat down and tried to fix his leg but it was to late a dalek came flying in and she couldnt leave her brother but she had to
But then suddenly she heard..Hope..A tardis attacked the dalek giving them time but the tardis crashed and barely made it out
She ran after the Tardis as a tear fell out of her eye "Goodbye Brother" as he smiled back at her that was his final moment she got in the tardis the pilot was probaly dead but there was no body
She never found the body she was so curios that she travled in the future inside her own TARDIS and still didnt find the body and in the past not a clue
After the incident with her brother she fixed her TARDIS her self taking years and years and now she is traveling to find people to make happy (sounded so much better in my head)
Roleplay Example: Exo:He had to have been here where is he?
Exo(2 From the future):The body was never here i dont know what happend and you should to since i am the future
Exo(1):Yeah but i feel like he is here
Exo (2): Why do you even want to find out if he is here and what if he is dead? and if he is alive what would you ask him?
Exo (1): I want answers why would he save me a little girl a useless girl like me
Exo (2): I guees you're right
Exo (1): But that dosent stop us from searching does it?
Exo (2): No it does not, remeber we could find anything inside our tarids, we havent even explored a bit of the tardis
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The Poet
The Potato
The Potato
The Poet

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PostSubject: Re: The Explorer/Exo   Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:29 pm

You still have a lot to learn about the way we RP, but accepted.

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The Explorer/Exo
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