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 Barcelonians and Barcelonian Dogs

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The Ninth Doctor

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PostSubject: Barcelonians and Barcelonian Dogs   Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:19 am

Name: Barcelonians

Appearance: Barcelonians look almost human in a way, but hairless. They come in different colors, the most common being light blues, pinks, and oranges. Eyes are commonly bright colors as well, some common ones including red and green. Rainbow eyes are highly uncommon, but existent.

Attitude: Barceloninans are very friendly to tourists. Usually, they do not ask for a fee to stay in a nice inn, unless demand gets too high. They take pride in their technology. In recent times, their kindness has not extended to Barcelonian Dogs, which are commonly used as slaves and thought of as inferior to the "superior" Barcelonians. They have a religion based on the worship of their creator, whom is referred to as a goddess of the whole of time and space.

Technology: Their technology is more advanced than humans, but not overwhelmingly so. A human could definitely get used to living there. (For a comparison, think of Pete's World.) They are well known for their space programs, which are well above other nearby planets. They have not developed travel through time.

Backstory: The creation of Barcelonians remains a mystery, but their religion suggests that they were created by a beautiful goddess. Oddly, many descriptions of her sound human. She is said to radiate a golden light which was some sort of power used to create the planet and its original inhabitants.

Present: When Barcelona entered its Golden Age, an era of peace began. After the death of Flovious the Second, (whom they called a President, but was not one effectively) things have gone downhill, and some are predicting a war between the Barcelonians and their Dog counterparts.

Number: There are about two to three million on their homeworld, but almost a billion Barcelonians, both pure and hybrid, are spread throughout the universe.

Homeworld: Barcelona

Name:  Barcelonian Dogs

Appearance: They look very much like earth dogs, but with no noses (the joke never gets old). They, like earth dogs, have different furs and breeds, some being more common than others. Statistically, the most common combination would be a golden retriever, and the least common an albino Miniature Schnauzer.

Attitude: Barcelonian Dogs are intelligent, but are often not thought of as so by modern Barceloninans. They speak in a language that sounds like earth dog barking. (On a side note, this language can be translated by a TARDIS.) Naturally compliant and loyal, if treated and raised right a Barcelonian Dog can become a wonderful companion.

Technology: They have very little technology developed on their own, and they usually rely on the little that their supposed "superiors" allow them.

Backstory: After a human brought an earth dog to Barcelona, Barcelonians began conducting experiments involving them, eventually creating Barcelonian Dogs in an accident. Barcelonians quickly respected the dogs for their intelligence and strength, eventually leading them to being used for jobs which required their brawn, to which the dogs complied. They loved their jobs, but now they've fallen on... unfortunate times.

Present: The Dogs' have been less compliant in recent times, as their masters grew crueler. One group started a rebellion, but after the loss of that battle, no more have started because of fear. Many withheld feelings are held against their masters.

Number: About one million, all on its homeworld, as the "superior" Barcelonians have "controlled" their number.

Homeworld: Barcelona

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The Poet
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PostSubject: Re: Barcelonians and Barcelonian Dogs   Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:36 pm

Accepted! Eccelent work Wink

(Pardon my pun)


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Barcelonians and Barcelonian Dogs
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