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 The Ninth Doctor

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The Ninth Doctor
The Ninth Doctor

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PostSubject: The Ninth Doctor   Sat May 02, 2015 12:00 am

Character Name: The Doctor (Ninth)


Species: Time Lord

Age: About 900

Gender: Male

Height: He is six feet (or 1 meter and 83 centimeters) tall.

Figure: There is nothing odd about his figure, he has regular proportions for any sort of humanoid at his size.

Eyes: His eyes are a pale blue.

Hair: This Doctor has dark brown hair that is very short.

Personality: Although broken emotionally by the guilt, sorrow, and anger that come with being the only survivor of the Time War, the Doctor still manages to put up a façade of energy and fake smiles. He’s quick to anger, and he always points out others’ faults. In all, he’s not exactly the most amiable of Doctors. However, once he begins to care for someone, he can be ‘softened’ up a bit, and perhaps there may be someone who could possibly make him smile a real smile.

Job: Being the Doctor is a job in itself. He must uphold the promise that he made all those years ago when he chose the title; "Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up, never give in."

Family: His family likely died in the Time War.

Home World: Gallifrey

Likes: He has an obvious love for bananas, and he is a fan of Charles Dickens. He is pleased when he meets clever humans.

Dislikes: He gets significantly angry when Daleks are mentioned. He hates stupidity, which usually comes in the form of humans that somehow got on his bad side, the ”Stupid Apes”.

Strengths: He is a more violent Doctor, who is capable of both physical combat and diplomacy. He knows how to work explosives. He also has great leadership skills.

Weaknesses: He has an emotional breakdown of sorts when he is confronted with situations that involve a lot of pain, sorrow, and especially death, as he is reminded of the Time War. He’s a bit overconfident at times. He also happens to be horrible at card tricks.

Dream: As the last Time Lord, as far as he knows, of course, the Doctor thinks that it is his duty to protect the universe, especially Earth, from threats which often come in the form of hostile aliens.

History: After regenerating, he travelled freely for perhaps the human equivalent of a few days, visiting some important events, before travelling to 2005 London and meeting Rose Tyler. Of course, he denied that he needed a companion, but he asked the young human to join him anyways. She declined, and the Doctor had many adventures before returning and mentioning ‘that it could travel in time’. He only came back because Ali, a Karkinian companion that he knew briefly, persuaded him to get Rose to join him. He shared adventures with Rose, a single adventure with “the companion who couldn’t” (Adam Mitchell), and eventually had adventures the flirty Jack Harkness, a former Time Agent and con-man.

Roleplay Example:

   The Doctor followed his own advice, and he didn’t allow Rose a chance to argue with him. As if she would, anyway. He grabbed her hand and ran as fast as he could, towards safety, also known as the TARDIS. They were running from the world, so to speak, as the large, flaming ball that was formerly a planet came closer and closer to the small, jungle-covered planet that the duo had travelled to. How had the Doctor not known that this planet would be destroyed? He focused on his main goal: getting Rose to the TARDIS. He didn’t care much about what happened to him, all that mattered was getting Rose to safety, Rose to the TARDIS.
   Rose wouldn’t die, he’d promised the girl’s mother that she would be safe. If any, he would uphold that promise. Rose was a young human, much too young to die now. He’d begun to care for the pink and yellow human, and if he survived, he alone, it would be like a smaller Time War. In the end, it would just be the Doctor, alone. There were no Time Lords left. He’d hardly thought about it before, but even Rose would eventually be lost, she’d wither away and die like every human does. There was no stopping that.
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The Poet
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PostSubject: Re: The Ninth Doctor   Tue May 05, 2015 7:23 am

Accepted! Very nice job!

Is there a specific usergroup you would like to be placed under? I believe you have the option of Timelord or Doctor.


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The Ninth Doctor
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