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 The Celestials

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The 10th Doctor

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PostSubject: The Celestials    Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:00 pm

Name: The Celestials

Appearance: Celestials are, in their natural forms, gleams of light. Literally. The younger ones tend to be orbs, but the older ones form into gleams. They can, if not contained properly, blind the naked eye. They are immortal.

Attitude: They don't exactly have personalities. Well, not in their natural forms. Although, once they obtain vessels, they can show attitude through the vessels. Unless you get too close to one in their home, they don't tend to be hostile.

Technology: They have nothing. Literally nothing.

Backstory: When the Big Bang happened, a couple of little energy sources were created from the explosions, and those were the Celestials. They have been evolving slowly over time, passing through all the ages. They haven't come into contact with the world onto recently (Recently being the last couple millennia).

Present: Still just...the same. Just floating there.

Number: A mass amount, but only a few of them ever leave.

Homeworld: They don't really have a...planet persay. More like a certain region in deep space that they claim as their territory. Called "The forge of Creation." It is a quadrillion light years away from Earth, meaning it is out of the Solar System and the milky way. This area of space is very interesting, because it isn't just black darkness. The 'stars' are all the Celestials, and the actual space is a different amount of colors (Including purple, dark green, red, magenta, etc, hence known as the forge of creation.)

Other: Only a few of them leave the Forge of Creation and are able to claim vessels, much less human vessels. The Celestials are also able to travel anywhere in the world, via teleport. Certain ones can alter the fabric of time and reality, being able to create items out of thin air. Another certain amount of them are able to stop time, and do many other things.
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PostSubject: Re: The Celestials    Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:45 pm

Accepted, very interesting!

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The Celestials
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