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 Theta's TARDIS

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Theta Sigma

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PostSubject: Theta's TARDIS   Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:49 pm

Name of Ship:
Theta's TARDIS, sometimes goes by the names 57 or Lady, the latter the most commonly used by Theta

Color of Ship:
varies due to chameleon circut, but most commonly takes on an exterior that is monochrome with hints of green or blue mixed in. the interior varies with which theme is set, but current theme (mark 2) is a mix of blues and browns.

Appearance of Ship:
outside usually takes on a shape that is much like an elevator, and either black, grey, or white in color, depending on the situation (ex. in a desert she'd be white, so that she doesn't overheat). Outlining the door are small blue-green strips, which glow at at night time, in space, or other dark areas.

console room
Interior has amber wood floors and walls made of a stone like material, colored such a dark blue that it's practically black. Around the console, Gallifreyan symbols are carved into the wood, mostly just old sayings about travelling and living a little and stuff.

The console is operated with a touch hologram interface, and thus has no buttons. The time rotor is shaped like an hourglass, and off the top of the hourglass, glass tubes branch off and crisscross around the ceiling, entering into various spots near the top of the walls. Within the hourglass's narrowest part, there is a small, super condensed star. This powers the TARDIS, and when the TARDIS is in flight, it gives off energy. The energy then flows through the various tubes, powering different areas of the capsule.

There are two sets of stairs flaking the console, which lead up to a narrow wooden platform that encircles the console room.

There are one or two large, porthole-like windows in the console room, through which you can see into an aquarium behind the walls. There are neon, six-eyed fish swimming around in the aquarium.

halls and rooms
The hallways of the TARDIS have wooden floors and metal walls. Embedded in the walls are the 'veins' of the TARDIS, which are miniature tubes that carry energy around. They originate from the ones in the console room. This can be a helpful navigation device, as if you can see what direction the energy is coming from, you can find your way back to the console room.

Room designs vary.

Size of Ship:

about the size of a cabinet on the outside, bigger on the inside

Does the Ship Make Noise?:
high pitched hum when in flight or using large amounts of power

Who uses the ship?:
Theta Sigma


Other: TARDIS is sentient, and can communicate with telepathic species and, to a lesser extent, some non-telepathic species (using humming and other noises)
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The Potato

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PostSubject: Re: Theta's TARDIS   Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:13 pm

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Theta's TARDIS
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