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 The Lieutenant

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The Poet
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The Potato

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PostSubject: The Lieutenant   Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:48 pm

Character Name: The Lieutenant
Species: Time Lord
Age: 3015 (so far)
Gender: Male (at the moment)
Height: 5 foot 7 (in this incarnation)
Eyes: Grey/Blue in this incarnation)
Hair: Dark Brown brushed to the right (in this incarnation)
Personality: The Lieutenant's 13th incarnation is a comfortable incarnation. Some things disgust him, some things he wishes he could turn and run away from, some things delight him, some things scare him but he keeps it hidden under his old, calm and comfortable looking face.
Job: Protector (at the moment)
Family: Still on Gallifrey, possibly dead.
Home World: Gallifrey
Likes: Having companions and time traveling. Dislikes: The Heart and death.
Strengths: Breaking the Laws of Time and Regenerating in impossible circumstances Weaknesses: Resisting the Time Lords and Resisting death
Dream: Intelligence
History: The Lieutenant was born a girl in Arcadia on Gallifrey during the Time War and grew up there. When she grew up, she commanded Arcadia's Army in the Time War. Finally, after the mess she'd got the Time Lords into in the Time War, she caused her own first regeneration by drinking pills of every kind and the result of this regeneration was male. This male Lieutenant, the 2nd, escaped Gallifrey and arrived at the Vatican. His regeneration had almost immediately stabilised. He had a gun fight with the Pope and his long line of Cardinals before enduring a hit from the Pope and regenerating on to his 3rd who was female again. The 3rd returned to her job on Gallifrey as Head of Arcadia's Army though she liked to have the odd adventure away from Gallifrey. Finally, she regenerated from being bitten by venomous snakes on a plane. The 4th was female and brought the plane to a safe landing. as with the 2nd and 3rd Lieutenants, the 4th stabilised very quickly after regenerating. This incarnation was very alone and bored and alone most of the time and regenerated of swallowing rocks as a result of disliking the way her 4th life had turned out - she had failed her attempt to rescue Gallifrey from the Time War and as a punishment, she was sentenced to vapourisation as punishment, so she used her type 30 SISO (the Lieutenant's name for his/her TARDIS) to escape from Gallifrey and the Time Lords which, surprisingly, worked - the 5th stabilised very quickly after regenerating and cleared herself of her sentence by twisting history entirely. The 5th also beat herself up over the fact that she had to break the Laws of Time so much that she unbroke and rebroke them again and she put her hand in the toaster and added water. The 6th Lieutenant was male and for the first time, the Lieutenant's regeneration went wrong and he stabilised a whole day later. This incarnation had, probably, the most companions on board the SISO. His regeneration was triggered under horrible circumstances. He got bitten by a rabid animal and it drove him looney. The looney and dying Lieutenant chased the Doctor, determined to kill him but regenerated before he could do this. The 7th Lieutenant was female. She stabilised immediately. This incarnation enjoyed life very much but when she landed in Spain, she didn't have a clue where she was until the damage was done. She was fatally wounded in a crash after she drove on the left of a keep right road. She regenerated into her 8th incarnation. This 8th Lieutenant was a male and  stabilised immediately and fell to the ground, mostly paralysed. It was found out that the Lieutenant's 8th incarnation had Lou Gehrig's Disease. His companion helped to build him a Time Lord psyched out wheelchair for him to live out his life in. This incarnation led a very difficult life and in the end, he regenerated after clicking on a popup which read "Click here for free death." The 9th Lieutenant was also male. This regeneration was the second to go wrong and stabilised one day later. The 9th had an addiction to kitten huffing and, of course, this served as a regeneration cause when he overdosed. The 10th Lieutenant's regeneration also went wrong, not stabilising for another day. The 10th was also male and had a thing for crossing paths with his past/future incarnations. On an adventure with 1 of his past and 1 of his future and past and future companions, this incarnation was attacked by Grue and he regenerated into his 11th incarnation. The 11th Lieutenant's regeneration also took time to stabilise and did so a long time later. The 11th Lieutenant was a female and lived a nice long time and finally regenerated by not regenerating. The 12th Lieutenant emerged and took a long time to stabilise from his regeneration. When he finally did, he was set on showing off to Kellie. This got him into trouble and he finally regenerated after more or less walking straight into cannibalistic vegetarians. Finally, we're on the 13th, as above, who stabilised a while after the regeneration and retired to the town of Cadmium on Minecraft as he had no more regenerations left and is now protecting that town. Finally, we're up to the present. The 13th Lieutenant is presently dying of Acute Kidney Failure with Lesion of Renal Cortical Necrosis and he hasn't told anyone...except you!!
Other: This character is going to die in the near future but as a shock to readers, he is going to be resurrected and is going to regenerate using a process that I have made up myself and that has never been used in Doctor Who in its long history of 51 years.
Roleplay Example: My Lord Poet! Nice to see you again! You know, the Doctor keeps going on about the fact that he is the last Time Lord left other than the Master at times. He's wrong and he doesn't know it! Hee, hee, hee. I like it like that. One day, he will find us and we will pick him up in all the places he was wrong.

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The Poet
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The Potato

Posts : 353
Join date : 2014-04-12
Age : 18
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Character sheet
First Character: The Poet
Second Character: Sadie Grayson
Third Character: Piper Falls

PostSubject: Re: The Lieutenant   Sun Dec 14, 2014 3:59 pm


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The Lieutenant
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