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 Astrid Jane CHARACTER

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PostSubject: Astrid Jane CHARACTER   Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:00 am

Character Name:Astrid West Jane
Image: Not necessary, but please include if you can *MUST HAVE IF CANON*

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Figure: slim
Eyes: left green, right blue
Hair: She has red hair that is about an inch or two above her shoulders
Personality: astrid is a very kind teenage girl, she loves to meet new people and making friends for thats what she is best at. She is also very curious and has many drawings o the doctor. Every once in a while, a man in a bowtie kept appearing at stores or around the corner, she thought this man was unusual, for she rarely saw him and when she did it was a short tome and he was gone the next second. Her pasion is animals and she is very good in fashion too. She loves helping out the animals by helping them find homes, and thats where she met her lovely feline friends mittins and she wouldnt trade what she had for the world.
Job: she works at an animal shelter and is going to school to study for being a cet
Family: her only family is her girlfriend Autumn and her snowshoe cat mittens. Her mother abandoned her when she was three and her father died in a car crash when she was seven, but according to her, autumn and mittens are the only people she needs.
Home world:Earth
Likes/Dislikes: likes- cats, girls, colors blue and purple, bowties. Dislikes-snakes, heights, being alone, pears.
Strengths/weaknesses: strenghts- reading peoples personality, math, making new friends. Weaknesses- photography, singing, saying how she feels
Dream: her two loves, and to fill her story to the fullest and see how her story ends.
History: besides the doctor appearing at random seconds in her life her child hood was very weird, from random metal people she excaped from to blackish cubes everywhere to killer santa and a giant star that tried to destroy the city. She also traveled alot when she was a kid, but one day she settles down and started working at a shelter and went to collage, one day she met her girlfriend and they dis many things together and she has learned many more things, which brings us to this present day and she couldnt be happier.

Roleplay Example: astrid just finished her homework when outside she heard a 'warp' like noise which was unusual, her curiosity got the better and she bolted out side, and dashed over to the alley which it was coming from. She looked and dead in feont of her was a blue box that read <police public call box> "Whats this?" She said as she got closer to it and the door quickly creeked open, reaveling a tall man in a bowtie. "Why where you in there?" She stared at him, waiting for a responce
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PostSubject: Re: Astrid Jane CHARACTER   Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:21 pm



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