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 Sadie Grayson

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PostSubject: Sadie Grayson   Sadie Grayson I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 14, 2014 10:34 pm

Character Name:Sadie Grayson

Image: Will be profile picture

Species: Graymond, but she thinks she's a human on Earth.

Age: 16 (Birthday: December 14th)

Gender: female

Height: 5'8"

Figure: slim, bit of curves around the waist.

Eyes: A brilliant gray.

Hair: Dyed black, with dyed blue highlights.  Comes down a few inches past her shoulders.

Personality: Sadie is a normally happy person, but finds happiness in music and writing rather than people and friendship. She doesn't talk much, as all of the foster homes she's been through have severely damaged her sense of trust. She is stubborn and defensive, though, even to people she doesn't know. This can get her into trouble often. She can get depressed easily, but has not yet been diagnosed with depression.

Job: Sadie is currently a librarian's assistant, and is looking to get some of her stories and novels published.

Family: This is a tough subject for Sadie. Her own parents died when she was five years old, supposedly lost at sea on a private vacation. They were both Graymonds. She lives with various foster families, getting adopted and sent back time and time again. There- trust issues. The current family she is with now is a mid-thirties couple named Vivian and Lucas, and they do everything they can to make Sadie happy. As of now, Sadie is happy living with this new family. They are not short on money, if you know what I mean. (They're rich.) She also has a Graymond twin sister who is identical in features. The thing is, her sister lives in England while Sadie lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. And, neither one of them knows the other exists.

Home World: Sadie's home world is actually Threicia Grus, she was born there, but she doesn't remember anything of her past life. All she remembers is growing up on Earth. Sometimes she feels as she's missing something...

Likes:Writing, Music, The Ocean, Water, the Moon
Dislikes: Fire, the sensation of heat, December (the ocean is stormy and for her it ruins the picture of the ocean), summer

Strengths: She is just discovering her water powers and her water talents. She is best at Physics, or science, in school. Sadie is very skilled in technology, and can fix most computer problems. Since her new parents have good jobs and make good money, Sadie has an iMac computer and all the latest technology so she can stay updated.
Weaknesses: Sadie is terrible at making friends. If someone wants to be her friend, she has a hard time making herself clear and understandable. She finds it difficult to explain herself in any situation. Sadie is also not very strong in history, as she doesn't like to dwell on the past; it's too painful.

Dream: Sadie desperately wants to find a family who understands her, and loves her to the best of their being. She also yearns to understand herself, her powers, and what she really is.

History: Sadie was born on the planet of Threicia Grus, but her parents immediately took her to Earth to try and raise her in a human setting. Neither of them got to touch the Key of Sanity, so they both supposedly died without knowing they were Graymonds.
After her parents' deaths, Sadie was raised in foster homes all over Massachusetts, most of them with some view of the ocean or a body of water. Sadie felt weirdly attracted to the water, as if it was calling her. She never quite understood it. One family in particular seemed, or seems, to actually understand her. Before she came into her new home, Vivian and Lucas Aerial covered Sadie's new room with posters and pictures of the ocean, knowing it calmed her.
She went to school one day, like any normal day, once when she was fourteen. It was the first day of Freshman year, at a new school. Needless to say, someone was making fun of a larger kid, and Sadie was very... angered. She told him to close his mouth; it looked better that way. He replied and said that her face didn't look good either way. Wrong thing to say.
A puddle of water, weirdly enough, slowly started appearing under Sadie's chair. Soon, she appeared completely soaked. The boy made another stupid retort, and then Sadie went to grab her bag and storm out of the room. And storm she did... with the whole class staring at the dark storm cloud that had just formed above her head- and was raining solely on her.
That day, she ran away from her foster family, who had tried too hard to make her feel like part of the family. She was found by another foster home facility, and took shelter there until Vivian and Lucas decided to adopt her.
And that's where she is, with Vivian and Lucas, trying to start a new life and forget about her old. Little does she know that her new family may not be as human as they seem either... and they may understand her more than she knows.

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Sadie Grayson
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