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 Graymond (Alien Creation)

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PostSubject: Graymond (Alien Creation)   Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:18 pm




Graymonds have the regular appearances as normal humans, except most Graymonds have brilliant gray eyes. Graymonds' length of hair depends on the Gray (Shortened name for them). Most Grays, however, prefer medium-length hair, a few inches past their shoulders. Most Graymonds are also taller than most humans. Most Graymonds are fair-skinned, due to the nature of their species.


Socially, Graymonds are mostly the same as humans as well. The only major social difference is that Graymonds like to be alone more. They don't make friends with humans easily, although most Graymonds do not know they are, in fact, an alien. Mentally, Graymonds are more susceptible to personality disorders such as Bipolar disease and chronic depression. Physically, every Graymond is different. Much like humans, some Graymonds prefer being buff, while others don't care either way. Some Graymonds like getting into trouble, while others don't.


Graymonds, on their home planet of Threicia Grus, are quite similar to Earth technologically. Well... Graymonds are unique in one very important way. Mostly every Graymond has a connection in one power or another. For most, that power is water. Each Graymonds' power, even of the same element, are all different in little ways. For example, two Graymonds may have fire power. One may be able to shoot fireballs, while the other cannot be burned.


Thousands of years ago, an alien race was created much like humans were: with mystery. No one really knows how, though many speculate that they all came from rain clouds themselves. Through many trials and errors, many wars and many conflicts, the Graymonds of Threicia Grus grew into the race they are today. Powers came along the way, first sprouting up in rare incidents. Those rare occurrences gradually happened more and more, to the point that if you didn't have a power, you were considered an outcast. Not so much of an outcast, but you weren't looked upon the same way as other Graymonds. The race still has problems with equality today.


Presently, Graymonds are situated all throughout the universe, living on Earth and any habitable planet. As to not alert humans of their kind, Graymonds on Earth, once they hit Earth's gravity, are thought of, even to themselves, as humans. Any previous memories of their kind or their home planet is forgotten, until one touches the Key of Sanity. This specific key is locked up in a Graymond research facility, held by Graymonds and seen by no one other than Graymonds. If a Graymond is spotted by another if its kind, he or she will be asked if they would like their true memories back. If the Gray has no clue what they're talking about and doesn't care, then the other Grays will send him/her on their way. However, if the Gray is intrigued and wants to know more, they will take the newfound Gray to the Key. Then, the Gray will touch the Key, and all of his/her previous memories will instantly be restored.


On their home planet, the Graymonds are abundant, their numbers coming to almost eight billion. (Threicia Grus is about the same size as Earth). Spread out into the universe, however, their numbers increase dramatically at approximately ten billion Graymonds.


The planet Threicia Grus is home to most Graymonds. (Will make a planet in Planet Creation)

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Graymond (Alien Creation)
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